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"Unless otherwise noted, most sorcerers are assumed to have the arcane bloodline."

Am I reading this correctly? I read this as, per the rules listed, at level 1, a Sorcerer can select a Bloodline, and unless it is noted otherwise, they have the Arcane Bloodline. I.E. only when a Bloodline says something like "This REPLACES the character's Arcane Bloodline".

Thematically, this makes sense as well, because the family would have had Arcane Bloodlines in the past, and at some point made a pact with the devil, gaining the new bloodline features in ADDITION to their already arcane blood.

None of the bloodline abilities say "This ability replaces..." like most rule systems say in pathfinder. Let's say, archtypes. Abilities listed will say "This replaces the _____ ability for Rangers..." etc...

Am I wrong in this? Is this not how Bloodlines were intended? I read nothing in, say the Djinni Bloodline, that says the pact made with the Air Elemental granted powers that replaced the arcane bloodline already in the family. *EDIT* So would a Djinni Bloodline Sorcerer still have access to an Arcane Bond (Familiar) through the Arcane Bloodline? Or do they give up that magical trait because of the bond made with the Air Elemental in the past?

I am hoping a response comes from Paizio staff, only because my group is very black/white on rules interpretation and I am afraid they will respond with "Well that's just an interpretation." But all responses welcome. If you are another users, just start with "Opinion: ......"

It means if an NPC is created and doesn't have a listed bloodline, it is arcane.

Most Glorian people are Human. That doesn't mean other races don't exist. Just most people are Human, and not Dwarves, Elves, Halfing, etc. This doesn't prevent any party from requiring a human or defaults the PCs to human.

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From the class " A sorcerer must pick one bloodline upon taking her first level of sorcerer."

The rest of the bloodline power notes that you pick abilities from 'your bloodline.'

If you don't pick the Arcane bloodline, you don't have it. No need for a 'this replaces' because it isn't replacing anything. A bloodline isn't an archetype where you are replacing things, it is a choice made at at character creation (or the first level or sorcerer) and that determines what abilities you have, no replacements at all. Making up a story that your grandfather had the arcane bloodline, while you have the Djinne Bloodline doesn't give you any additional powers (see Crossblooded archetype if you want this flavor)

The note that "most sorcerers are assumed to have the arcane bloodline" is just an indication that this is the most common bloodline in the world, and an NPC that it isn't spelled out will have the arcane bloodline (particularly important with Pathfinder was first published and a lot of people were using material without this feature.)

I am sure you will not get an official response on this, but it is pretty obvious and you can look at tons of sorcerers Paizo has published an none of them will work as you describe. I have never heard of anyone else ever being confused on this issue, and after a decade in print if it worked the way you think I am sure it would have been pointed out.

You are wrong on this one.

In reading closer and closer, I find "representing the mysterious origin of your sorcerer’s abilities." I think the key word here is "Origin". This would denote that there was not an Arcane Bloodline prior to the imaginary "bond" I used as an example. It would have been the original cause of magic in the bloodline.

As for how I thought this, I have been playing tabletop for over 25 years now, and I have a hard time separating all the different systems that have popped up, especially in the past 10 years. This bloodline system seems almost "Divine" as opposed to "Arcane" as it is apparently granted to the user instead of taught or innate and that is where my brain is grinding to a halt when trying to process a new character.

I do appreciate the feedback though. Thanks!

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