Against the “Iron” Throne

Against the Aeon Throne

This is by no means significant, but it has been lingering in the back of my mind for a few weeks now. I have seen more than a few references across the Internet referring to the “Against the Aeon Throne” adventure path as “Against the Iron Throne.” My books, the Paizo site and everywhere official shows “Aeon” so I know that is the correct name. However, I am curious why I have seen “Iron” more than a few times. Was that a pre-release name for the AP that got changed later? Or is this just a case of auto-correct making the same mistake for multiple people?



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I think is is auto-correct ...

... or the wires getting crossed with people upset about the final season.

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Welcome to the Mandala Effect.

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Note that "aeon" and "iron" may sound rather similar when spoken.

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