raising a dead outsider?

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the outsider traits blurb says something as cheap as limited wish can restore a dead outsider to life. but elsewhere the only spell i can find that calls out restoring one to life is true resurrection. which is correct?

Limited wish, wish, miracle, or true resurrection all rez an outsider.

Prior discussion of this topic that you may find enlightening.

Personally I suspect the outsider listing is a screwup. If limited wish could rez an outsider, something somewhere would say whether it imitated raise dead (come back with two negative levels and few HP) or resurrection (come back with one negative level, full HP) or true resurrection (come back peachy-keen).

Limited wish would have to imitate raise dead. As that would fall within its casting limits.

Or you know just wish them back to life with out imitating another spell the list is just an example of effects it can potentially do, not a limiter on its effects.

I kinda like the "it brings them back, but as a mortal" idea, similar to reincarnate. Of course, some outsiders might prefer oblivion.

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