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Hello all!

I am gearing up to start Kingmaker for the first time and I wanted to know what books are important for the AP?
I am wanting to grow my knowledge of Brevoy and the River Kingdoms but wasn’t sure what books to get.

What books have/do you use for your running of the Kingmaker AP?


It's good to get a hold of the Guide to the River Kingdoms. It has all of the in-depth information that's available on the region. The book is out of print, but the PDF is readily available.

You may also consider Ultimate Campaign as it expands upon the downtime/kingdom building/mass combat rules in Kingmaker, but it is not necessary.

I already have the Ultimate Campaign. It is a great book and I really like their expanded kingdom building rules and the larger variety of building options. I look forward to exploring those mechanics.

I took a look at a preview of the Guide to the River Kingdoms, that seems like a book I need to get, thanks for the tip off on that one.

What would be a great book to pickup on Brevoy and the cities and noble houses within?

As far as I know, Brevoy is only covered in the Inner Sea World Guide. There is a small chapter detailing information on it. You could probably glean as much from the Pathfinder Wiki online, but the Inner Sea World Guide is an excellent book and well worth adding to one's collection.

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If you are looking to expand on the main villain of the campaign and add more flavor about them into the early path (which a lot of people suggest) there is Legacy of the First World (for NPC building options) and The First World, Realm of the Fey to better understand the motivations of the BBEG.

Since you are also fighting a lot of humanoids I tend to suggest The Monster Codex for all of its readily built variations on basic humanoid enemies like ogres and trolls. Of course that isn't strictly required.

The most essential reading is right here in this forum. I also recommend Ultimate Rulership.

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