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So read new material on the race of wrywood. They have a racial ability now called Living Machine. They are no longer treated as a true Construct. An optional racial trait called War Titan makes them medium with a reduction in speed. Here's the question. Would they still get the extra 20 Hit points by taking the trait even though they are no longer a true construct? The trait does not mention any adjustment to stats going from small to medium. It only offers the extra hit points.

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Yes, War Titan would still grant it's full effects as there is no language within the trait that states that the Wyrwood must be construct with no other subtypes in order to benefit from it.

They're still "true" constructs, they just have a subtype that messes with a lot of construct properties.

Living Machine

Source Heroes of Golarion pg. 6
Through generations of refining the techniques of creation, many young wyrwoods have become closer to organic beings than constructs. These wyrwoods are constructs with the living machine subtype. They gain a Constitution score and can be targeted by spells and effects that target living creatures or constructs, as well as those that require a Fortitude save. They are no longer immune to ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, exhaustion, or fatigue. Wyrwoods with this trait require sleep, but they do not need to breathe or eat. They are not destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points, instead becoming unconscious and stable. They are destroyed when reduced to a negative number of hit points equal to their Constitution score. They can be raised or resurrected when destroyed.

This alters the wyrwood’s creature type.

The bonus hit points a construct gets for size are not mentioned there, and therefore are unaltered, so if a racial trait makes them bigger they should get the extra HP.

AoN doesn't seem to have War Titan yet; could you post its text?

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
AoN doesn't seem to have War Titan yet; could you post its text?

Looking it up, it's a 3pp racial trait on d20pfsrd.

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War Titan:
Some wyrwood creators have increased the size of their progeny over time to make them more formidable and intimidating opponents. Such wyrwoods are Medium-sized creatures and gain 20 bonus hit points when created; however, their base speed is decreased to 20 feet due to the extra weight of their bodies.

So far the Wrywood is closer to Warforge then the androids. To be honest I love Transformers and have wanted to do a Pathfinder version of them. The Master Summoner screams Soundwave.

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