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As I mentioned in the original ND thread, I've been focused on PaizoCon trying to wrap up the schedule so that we can have events at PaizoCon and people can register for them. As such, when the thread began to escalate dramatically over the last week, it finally came to the point on Friday where I deemed it best to close it until I could monitor it a little better (hopefully sometime this week). Occasionally this happens on our forums with various subjects or discussions. We have no full-time moderation staff. I split my time between managing CS & PaizoCon & the forum Community. The Miniatures Kickstarter Ninja Division was closed Friday morning so that the thread did not continue to devolve while I tried to finish up the schedule.

When a thread or topic is closed for discussion, permanently or temporarily, by a moderator on our forums, it is not appropriate to open additional threads, particularly on weekends outside of our business hours. Creating multiple discussions or new threads in this manner is counter productive for everyone involved.

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