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I'm working on an ice-themed spherecaster using recharge sphere magic rules. I want to make him someone who never got a proper introduction to magic, so he is always making minor mistakes in his spellcasting, but enjoys a greater chance of getting his spells off in adverse conditions. So far, I have the following:

Drawbacks: Magical Signs (sudden drop in temperature, an Aurora Borealis forms around him, and he telegraphs his magic abilities); Wild Magic, Custom- %100 base wild magic chance that does not stack with other sources

I would like to be able to reduce the cool down of his main three spheres to 1d4 rounds. Any suggestions?

I'd suggest going into Wild Magic feats over just 100% base wild magic chance. You'll get a lot more fun that way.

I've never used the recharge system for Spheres of Power, but are campaigns are pretty much exclusive Spheres of Power now. Does taking drawbacks do anything for you in the recharge system? If you aren't using spell points, it doesn't seem to help.

What spheres are you taking? The destruction sphere is free, can take a talent to forgo using a spellpoint to get maximum damage, and neither of the two ice blasts require a spell point.

You mention nothing more than Drawbacks. Can you give more insight into character or what we can work with? Race, Class, Stats, etc.

*Glances in* I'm the one who adapted the Recharge Magic rules to Spheres, so I can speak authoritatively on this. o wo/ The easiest way to drop down to 1d4 rounds is to take Drawbacks. In Recharge Sphere Magic, general drawbacks allow you to select two spheres and treat your caster level as two lower for the purpose of recharge times. Three general drawbacks is enough to drop three spheres down to a 1d4 round recharge.

I have the wild magic chance representing the tiny mistakes he constantly makes when casting. I will give him some wild magic feats as bonus feats as he learns to profit from his mistakes.

Under recharge magic rules, you incur a cool down on a sphere whenever you use an ability from that sphere that would cost a spell point. You cannot use any ability from a sphere that would cost a spell point while that sphere is on cool down. The default cool down duration is 1d4+1 rounds per spell point that would normally be spent, but you can cast at a lower caster level for a shorter cool down (CL-4 is 1d4 rounds). You also gain a quarter of the normal spell point pool that you can use to avoid or reduce cool downs.

He'll have Creation (material focus: ice), Destruction (energy focus: cold, initially shape focus: shape blast), Light, Protection (luminous), Telekinesis (limited telekinesis: ice), Time (decelerator), Warp (limited Warp: ice), and Weather (focused weather: cold). His main three spheres will be Creation, Destruction, and Warp.

I'm creating him as a home brewed CG white dragon where I traded in the breath weapon, magical and supernatural abilities, and spellcasting in exchange for full spherecasting. He was raised not knowing about his talent for magic. Only recently had he discovered his capacity for magic, and has yet to find someone willing to give him proper training.

Looking back on the tradition, I have come up with the following:

Drawbacks: Verbal Casting, Somatic Casting (1), Emotional Casting, Focus Casting (amulet), Magical Signs (cold, Aurora Borealis, and telegraphing), 100% Wild Magic Chance (worth 2 drawbacks)

Boons: Embodiment (ice), +5 to concentration checks

Does this look alright?

Casting Traditions are nothing if not flexible - if that's what you want, then you're good. XD Math seems to work out - four points for two boons and another three points for the cooldown reductions.

I was kind of conscerned about whether a 100% wild magic chance is bad enough to have it be worth two drawbacks or if the +5 to concentration checks should only cost two drawbacks.

Wild magic feats double the chance every one you use, so you'd go 10% (base) -> 20% -> 40% -> 80% -> 160%. If you take the 80%, thats the base 10% and 3 increases or 3 feats. I'd say thats worth 4 total drawbacks.

+5 concentration should honestly be higher unless if it +5 to all concentration. +4 while casting defensively (the most common), is a feat. The Boon "Bound Creature" is basically an animal companion, which is technically three feats. A prerequisite of a skill feat, getting the actual animal at your character level -3, then Boon companion to bring it up to level. (This also discounts that the Conjuration sphere is much stronger than any animal companion).

+5 to concentration checks is fine, +5 to casting defensively should be bumped up more.

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