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I was going to contact directly, but I figured I'm not the only one with this problem, so hopefully starting a thread helps more people.

What is the best way to go about getting the English version of the 2e books in August while living in a non-English speaking country? I live in Japan, so every TRPG book I've seen sold in stores is always in Japanese. Ordering from Canada or the US is possible, but international shipping is often quite pricey. Are we able to order directly from you and not have to pay international shipping? I'd be willing to pre-order now in order for you to group my English books in together with the larger shipment of Japanese books.

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How would you want to order directly from Paizo and *not* pay international shipping?

Amazon is your best bet. Not only should have these books, but the US Amazon should be able to ship them at reasonable rates.

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As a brazilian, I can relate to what you're feeling. What I did in the playtest was pre-ordering the books at and they arrived way earlier than I expected - around 2~ days after the official release.

Although I can't find any 2e books at Amazon at the moment, I believe it's just a matter of time before pre-order starts. Amazon might be your best bet if you want the books to arrive as soon as possible.

I'm considering Paizo's subscription, though - if they provide the free pdf with it (they haven't decided on that yet), I can wait longer for the books to arrive while I can read the pdf on day one.

I will probably buy it from Amazon, there isn't really a way to avoid international shipping.

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One of my players got pretty lucky and ordered his Starfinder CRB directly from, apparently, they had some sort of promotion going and it arrived damn cheap and very quickly in Germany.

If you can wait, or potentially make a larger order it might make sense to consider a subscription, but I found that sending hardcovers to some parts of the world creates more shipping fees than the cost of the books.

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You can pre-order the books here: Link to 2nd edition books (and a few, unrelated, other books due to the search query.

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