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So, I'm trying to develop a possible homebrew for the setting of Rokugan (from 3.5 D&D's Oriental Adventures). Here is what I have so far via the Core Classes:

Barbarian: Primitive combatants who utilize the sheer and brutal power of rage to overcome any obstacle and obliterate any foe that lays in their path.

Bushi: For honor, glory, or just outright profit, these feared masked warriors stalk the battlefield and while they still observe the code of Bushido, they give no quarter to their foes once battle is joined.

Courtesan: Masters and mistresses of intrigue and the courts of the Clans, they serve and entertain their lords while mingling with the nobility; all with the intention of serving their clans and sometimes their own agendas.

Hunter: Warriors that stalk the enemies of their lords and clans, they pick off their foes at a distance before closing in for the kill aside their loyal bestial companions.

Kensai: Also known as "Sword Saints", these noble and chivalrous warriors blend mastery of a blade with the divine power of the Kami.

Monk: Martial artists who follow the Tao of Shinsei, hoping to find the secrets of enlightenment as they perfect their minds, bodies, and souls.

Priests: Divine spellcasters who serve the divine will of powerful beings by casting divine spells utilizing Sutra scrolls.

Shaman: Divine spellcasters who serve benevolent or malevolent spirits of the land of Rokugan itself as well as the mysterious powers of the Spirit Realm.

Sorcerer: Descended from a dragon, elemental spirit, divine servant of the kami, or a vile oni, these arcane spellcasters possess magic in their very blood and can cast spells without the use of Sutra scrolls.

Shugenja: Arcane spellcasters who serve the clans and their lords by specializing in the casting of elemental magic through the use of Sutra scrolls.

Wu Jen: Mysterious spellcasters who make pacts with spirits of the spirit realm and in return for following their taboos they receive the ability to cast both arcane and divine spells without Sutra scrolls.

A few thoughts.

Wu jen sound more like oracles than anything else (with the right curse). There are those who can get arcane spells on their list one way or another. Or mediums, but that's an unimpressive class unless you specialise as champions which doesn't describe Rokugan's wu jen well.

Shugenja get elemental spells but again, might not be arcane? They might be witches (with a restricted list of patrons) or oracles by mechanics.

Sorcerers as a social description might include kineticists as well as the sorcerer class.

Maybe somatic components in Rokugan include producing sutra scrolls if you don't have eschew materials? Or still spell of course.

Kensai might be best represented by some variation on the bloodrager; killing fast is their thing IIRC.

There's several bard archetypes which might fit courtesans well.

Bushi could be slayers, perhaps.

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