@Sara Marie clarification for reason of miatures Kickstarter ninja division thread

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The sudden closure of the thread and deleting of posts following a paizo supporter’s post suggesting contacting media outlets, legal advice and local governments instead of pestering you has me concerned. If paizo had done nothing wrong on this issue besides make a poor business decision as they claim there would be no reason for these actions.

Please clarify this decision.

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This was the reason:

"There's been an escalating sense of aggression between community members and unfortunately, I feel like at this point, it's destructive to have this thread active when I clearly do not have the resources to keep up with it."

I'm sure it's temporary.

They're obviously flat out at the moment with Paizocon preparations (and customer service don't generally work over weekends). We could be making it easier by not critiquing one another's opinions/suggestions but that has proved difficult it seems. :(

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Steve is correct.

I see you sent an email about it Friday afternoon. Unfortunately I was working on the schedule until late last night.

The thread was left open initially to leave a space for people to share their feedback. It’s not an appropriate use of our forums to use them to organize media campaigns targeting us or companies we have contracts with. The re-post has been removed.

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