Duct it and Buff it: How long does it take to resize armor?

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How long does it take to resize armor that you find as loot? (the guy was totally dead when you found him. really)

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It takes an hour to repair a suit of Armor so I think I’d base it off that - I’d probably say 10-30 minutes to resize/reconfigure and “do it properly” but allow a temporary on-the-run resizing in 5-10 that would only last a combat or two (or enable a spacewalk).

In a tense situation, I’d deduct time based on the engineering check as players like it when being really good at a skill grants a visible benefit.

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Pretty sure a rule somewhere said 10 minutes, but I could be misremembering.

I took a look through the rules and didn't see an exact length of time. I would use the timing for repairing armor as a maximum length of time.

Also, the armorsmithing engineering kit gives a bonus to checks to resize armor. Is it specifically stated that resizing armor requires a check and how to calculate the DC?

Adjusting Armor
If you get secondhand armor that wasn’t tailored for you, you can have it adjusted, which requires a successful Engineering check (DC = 10 + 2 × the armor’s level). Alternatively, you can spend 10% of the armor’s purchase price to have it adjusted by a professional—typically an armorsmith or anyone with multiple ranks in Engineering.

It doesn't list a time, unfortunately, so that's up to your GM.

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