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So I was toying around with a character and such and I had a weird thing come up. I had made a Sorcerer of the Elemental Bloodline and then I gave it Eldritch Heritage Feat and chose the Primal Bloodline. My question is would that character get 2 separate Elemental Rays or just 1 Ray that can change between the 2 element types?

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One, since Primal is wildblooded you'll need Exotic Heritage (instead of Skill Focus) in order to select it. Maybe you knew that already. Two, since Primal is just a variant on Elemental I don't think it's a legal choice for you---Eldritch Heritage specifies that you cannot choose a bloodline you already have. Three, if your GM chose to ignore that and allow it, you'd have two separate abilities, each with its own pool of uses, that happened to have the same name.

Thank you! I was just toying with the idea but that's very helpful non-the-less.

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