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Dear all,

I'm playing with a Witch and i'm preparing him to select the Stargazer prestige class.

I'm wondering if i select the Caudron hex to brew potion, if would stack with the Sideral Arcana - Mother's option.

These sideral arcana power allows the Witch to add twice my class level.

An Example:

If the character brew a cure moderate wounds at the 5th level the potion brewed would add 10 to the hit points restored.

Thank you all

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he Mother: Whenever the stargazer casts a cure spell, casts breath of life, or uses the healing hex, he adds twice his class level to the hit points restored. If the stargazer is a cleric with channel positive energy, his stargazer levels stack with his cleric levels to determine its effects.

No, when brewing a potion you aren't casting a spell.

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