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Is there somewhere a comprehensive list of (former) mysteries of the Golarion setting that have already been revealed? Mysteries that used to be mysteries but that are mysteries no more because they have been explored in a AP or in a Campaign Setting sourcebook?

For example, the Aucturn mystery. It had been taunted for many years and we got a revelation in the Pathfinder Playtest adventure.

I’m trying to come up with a list of mysteries for my PCs to explore, and I’d like to stick to the ones that have already been revealed.

Thanks! :)

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Lemme think...

Why Baba Yaga replaces queens of irrisen every 100 years is, but not what for she needs the eternal winter I think

Thassilonian runelord stuff regarding the latest ones is pretty well revealed for most parts

Doomsday Clocks along with Aucturn Enigma you mentioned were revealed.

Why gnomes got exiled wasn't 100% (its presented in way it can be interpreted as theory, but CRPG version of kingmaker went with explanation from First World campaign setting book as the reason) but it was pretty much revealed.

What is up with aboleths was explained

What was up with Khaei from inner sea bestiary was explained surprisingly enough

What is up with Xhamen-Dor and Mhar was explained

Why Sandpoint region is important for Lamashtu's and Pazuzu's cultists is explained

What is up with Owbs and origin of caligni race was explained(though they introduced new mystery of The Forsaken)

What was ship that crashed to numeria was explained.

Jandelay's true nature was explained

There are lot of things that have been explained, but paizo devs tend to introduce new mysteries at same time so its kinda hard to remember all of them

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Or that's what Asmo...I mean, Tabris wants you to believe. Go on, little grasshoppers. Believe every written word. Treat it like a bible of sorts. Tee hee.

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I mean, I'm sure some of those revelations are false, on the alternate timeline where undead aren't evil that leads to Starfinder :p

Was the reason for the dead krakens ever revealed?

It would be good to have a list of mysteries and their sources. I usually dig through the Pathfinder Wiki to find such things.

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Well Dragon Empires has lot of new mysteries that haven't been addressed because there hasn't been new AP or campaign setting book there, so ye just need to read through it for mysteries :p

I'd definitely like to know what is up with darklands clockwork necropolis there since that sounds like good and unusual creepy campaign material

Planar adventures also introduced a lot of mysteries, or at least reintroduced them assuming they had been mentioned back in 3.5 days(in which case it was kinda hard to tell what things from back then were still canon). Like Eternity's Doorstep and that ruin of planet in negative energy plane. (I think that writing in aklo might be connected to what is apparently mentioned in Concordance of Rivals)

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