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Are there any rules concerning range increments when throwing something upward? If the target is on a ledge 50' above the person throwing, is the range just 50' or given that the target is 50' straight up would the effective range be greater than 50'? I don't see any rules on "throwing upward"

The rules do not address verticle distance any differently than horizontal distance regarding ranged weapons in pathfinder. If you want something more realistic you can make some sensible house rules though.

There are no rules that address shooting or throwing something straight up or straight down vs in the horizontal direction.

Personally, I don't think that level of simulation is helpful either.

A 50' shot is a 50' shot regardless of which direction you shot in, as far as the rules are concerned.

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It's hardly "simulation" to make it hard to shoot things above than below. Especially when, with the rules as they are, having high ground is actually bad for ranged attackers since it can create situations where it's harder to shoot something at ground level from the top of battlements than it is to shoot from their base.

Easiest house rule would be that squares upward cost double range and distance down is free.

I'm not saying that's a bad rule, but I still don't think it's worth it necessarily. Unless your battlements are higher up than the range of your ranged weapon.

And technically, it would need to be a rule about expanding range increments of the weapons. Because if it didn't, you would still accrue the penalties for shooting farther, even if you could shoot farther.

Because with traditional ranged weapons like bows being able to shoot 10 x their range increment, allowing them to shoot farther wont make much difference.

There's nothing in the RAW. If you wanted to houserule, about the closest existing rule would be the jumping rules in the Acrobatics skill. Shooting up is 4x the range of shooting horizontally. But I would only say that counted for the maximum range the projectile could travel, not the accuracy, which would remain unchanged. The target is still 50 feet away.

For firing downwards, I would say that beyond the maximum range the projectile becomes a falling object

Corvid Black wrote:
Are there any rules concerning range increments when throwing something upward? ...


welcome to cents and scent-ability. The game model is rough, really rough at times and play trumps realism.
As a GM you can add (+5 to -5) circumstance modifiers without affecting the mechanics.
IF you wanted a home rule, I'd kinda agree with the sentiment and source of the modifiers. I'd leave the first range increment alone and add -1 circum(nobody trains shooting straight up or even close to it, even in bird hunting, add in perspective and angular change in rate along the line of fire and -1 is kind), and modify further increments by half. I'd leave gun ranges alone.

This is what circumstance bonuses/penalties were made for. Just be consistent.

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I thought this was going to be about vomiting.

Anyway, I use the same rules for flying up, going straight up costs double, so that would count as 100 feet.

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Yeah, my first thought was a thread about combat vomiting. Such a pity we have no rules for *that*. <g>

Though UI guess you could treat it as a Dirty Trick and call it a day.

gnoams wrote:
I thought this was going to be about vomiting.

No no, this is about "throwing upwards", you're thinking about "throwing up-wards"; spells that protect from vomit. Totally different things!

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