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So yesterday I played a session of Mummy's Mask book 5. I haven't played in a year and I made a 14th Mesmerist. The GM asked that all players play Occult classes which I was not familiar with and the Mesmerist was the only one not taken so I went with that.

In the final room of the Slave Temple(?) we encountered the Black Genie(?).

Round 1:
I win initiative, stare at Black Genie and cast Mind Fog.
Black Genie fails saving throw.
Rest of party do nothing.

Round 2:
I cast Confusion. Black Genie fails saving throw.
Black Genie creates a cloud of obscuring lightning mist (?)
Monk Spiritualist runs in and starts fighting.
Rest of party do nothing.

Round 3: I cast Possession. Black Genie fails saving throw.
Game over.

Am I/did we miss something? Am I able to shut a major encounter down that quickly?

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Sounds like some bad rolls by BBEG. I do think a BBEG who fails 3 saves in a row over 3 rounds will die 9 times in 10.

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It's very possible. I've had fights end unexpectedly with a bad save, especially with many save-or-die spells at that level. As a GM, I would look at the DCs of your abilities against the saves of the BBEG, and then consider fudging the 2nd or 3rd save if I need 18-20 to make the save. This would be only to make it last a another round or so to make it more climatic.

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The final fight in Jade Regent has two phases. For my party the first phase actually lasted a while.

The second phase, the one with the actual boss, lasted two rounds. Long enough for the cleric to give the monk a blade of light or something like that and the monk to get a full round of attacks with two... or three crits.

197 damage.

It's likely your DM can roll with it and adapt. This is just the way the game is sometimes. Especially with single target fights... which this seems to be.

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