Kinetic Blast Damage Calculator: Because I'm tired of doing math and I doubt i'm the only one

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Hello all,

Long time lurker/player, but first time poster. I figure this is worth sharing though as a cursory search didn't find anything like it.

A little preamble first, I've been playing an Aero Kineticist in a Rise of the Runelords campaign for... the better part of two years now (the group doesn't get together often enough -_-), and it's been a blast! But as we've started getting to the higher levels, any time I have to roll for damage I end up slowing down combat having to do all the fiddly calculations that come with playing a Kineticist. Damage from overflow, empowering/maximizing, point blank range, a wysp familiar, am I using physical or energy, composite or not? I always feel like I forget something somewhere along the line.

So I made this google sheets based calculator to speed up my damage calculations. Well... actually I made a simplified version just for myself first, but thought that other Kineticist players might appreciate it.

I tried to account for almost every option (and it isn't the most elegant piece of work because of that), but I know I at least missed out on Kinetic Fist (so no big loss?).

If someone else does know of something like this, please let me know! I'd love to take a look at it. For everyone else, feel free to make a copy of the sheet and use it for your own characters.

Happy blasting!

I looked at your sheet and I dont understand a large portion of what did. I also think you may be under a misunderstanding. Specifically, the blast is a spell-like-ability and not an attack action. Thus you do not get an iterative attack sequence. So I am not sure why you calculate the iterative numbers.

I just read about overflow, which has a max of +6 damage, so it should not be hard to add it to my spreadsheet.

Can you explain the other effects that make changes to damage? Also, can you tell me what you are trying to measure beside the final damage roll?

That said, I think you may be going overboard with the calculation of burn, as that should not change for a given type of blast. But I can see use for it. That said, here is my spreadsheet.

A1: 14
A2: 7
A4: 4
A12: x
A13: x
A14: x
A15: x
B1: Level
B2: Con Mod
B3: Damage Multiplier
B4: ="Blast Type (="&MID(INDEX(B5:B8,A4),7,100)&"; "&INDEX(D5:D8,A4)&")"
B5: ____1 Physical
B6: ____2 Energy
B7: ____3 Composite Psysical
B8: ____4 Composite Energy
B9: Base Damage
B10: Base Number of Die
B11: Base Modifier
B12: Aetheric Boost
B13: Gravatic Boost
B14: Empowered
B15: Maximized
B16: Result Number of Die
B17: Result Modifier
B19: =MID(B4,14,LEN(B4)-14)
B20: Result
C3: =INT((1+A1)/2)
C5: =C3&"d6+"&(C3+A2)
C6: =C3&"d6+"&INT(A2/2)
C7: =(2*C3)&"d6+"&((2*C3)+A2)
C8: =(2*C3)&"d6+"&INT(A2/2)
C9: =INDEX(C5:C8,A4)
C10: =LEFT(C9,FIND("d",C9)-1)
C11: =MID(C9,FIND("+",C9)+1,100)
C12: =IF(TRIM(A12)="","No","Yes")
C13: =IF(TRIM(A13)="","No","Yes")
C14: =IF(TRIM(A14)="","No","Yes")
C15: =IF(TRIM(A15)="","No","Yes")
C16: =(IF(C15="Yes",0,C10)+IF(C14="Yes",INT(C10/2),0))&"d"&IF(C13="Yes", 8,6)
C17: =(C11+IF(C15="Yes",C10*IF(C13="Yes",8,6),0)+IF(C12="Yes",INDEX(E5:E8,A4),0) )
C20: =C16&"+"&C17
D5: Ranged Attack
D6: Ranged Touch Attack
D7: Ranged Attack
D8: Ranged Touch Attack
E4: AethBoost
E5: =C3
E6: =C3
E7: =2*C3
E8: =2*C3

Column A are the inputs
Column B are descriptions of the row
Column C are calculated values
Column D defines the tyoe of attack
Column E is the Aetheric Boost calculations
By removing the "x" from the A column, you turn off the corresponding effect.


My guess the itterative is for things like Kinetic Blade.

Elemental Overflow currently causes a REF error. It happens when the level is set to 5 or 10 and overflow is set to 2 or 3 respectively. The problem appears to be caused because the index row is being set to 0. Changing the rows to max(1,ifs()) will fix the problem.

Also, Elemental Overflow gives 2 +2 size bonuses at lv 6, and 2 at lv 11. I mention it because currently, due to how the rows are set, it gives 1 +2 at lv 6 and 1 at lv 11.

This isn't important just some things I learned to make things look nice.

You dont need to have a range for data validation. Under data validation criteria setting it to "list of items" will let you name the options you want. Also Named Ranges are very usefull, since you can then reference a table or cell by something that makes more sense. For example: Naming the burn input cell, "burn"; or naming the range for the blast type, "blastType".

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