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If someone has a classic zombie (staggered movement and the like), would its effective speed for travel for periods of time be half of its movement?

For instance, a group of bandits are zombified by a necromancer or evil cleric. He then starts them marching toward a town four miles away. Would it take the zombies two hours and forty minutes to reach the town (as if they had a Movement rate of 15), or one hour and twenty minutes (as if they had a movement rate of 30)? Their Speed may be 30, but they do only get one movement per round which effectively reduces their speed by half/

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Well for starters, even though I know this is the rules forum, I clicked on this thread looking for cool ways for zombies to travel through time...

They are staggered so they would only be able to walk and cannot hustle so with a move of 30, they would walk 3 miles in an hour. So, it would take them 1 hour and 20 minutes to walk the 4 miles to town.

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Moving once/round is normal over long distance, no change there. They wouldn't be able to hustle for more speed. If the town was too far to reach in one normal day they could keep going, being immune to the non-lethal damage which normal people would take.

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Yeah, people don't out of the combat jog everywhere. 30 feet speed isn't walking speed, its "combat speed", unless you imagine everyone in combat walks really slowly all the time.

So yeah, zombies travel speed doesn't get halved, but I'd assume they can't pick up the pace.

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Zombies have a base speed of 30 feet so looking at the chart that lets them Walk 3 miles an hour. As they are always staggered, they cannot Hustle so they cannot use that distance over time at all.

To the points made earlier, they also do not need rest, so they can Walk 3 miles an hour for 24 hours a day and cover massive amounts of distance (72 miles per day) even at that pace.

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