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I have a great-love for garbage pail characters. How would you go about building the most disgusting possible PC?

play a goblin right?
look up the information in the race section and some of the equipment for goblins youd get the idea fast enough.

goblin pickles for example..they can be made out of almost ANYTHING...
(my goblin pulled out a pickles jar look at tha 'label' which is a picture since he can't read : "ohh pickled sewer flowers -no wait, that picturgraph meaning is wrong...pickled sewer-rat's rectoms..")

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A bloatmage that can cast the skinsend spell.

Dual-Cursed Oracle with Plagued and Infested curses, Yzobu companion and maybe some vermin familiar? Uh, vermin tumor familiar!

Eh, I got a Promethean Alchemist goblin that specializes in body modifications (and tech implants) and modifying his homunculus to wear as armor, being overly descriptive with how the fleshy creature splits open and envelopes the smaller goblin, effectively making him a 'medium' creature.

The fact that he has a venomous and disease inflicting bite, and prefers to consume a bit of the corpses he creates, that only helps drive it home. Sometimes, I love being the GM ...

Peachbottom wrote:
A bloatmage that can cast the skinsend spell.

That is A LOT of skin. :(

Have you ever looked at your typical wizard? First off, try to imagine the ridiculous pile of stuff they have on them all the time for material components. Next, take in to consideration most of them would rather prestidigitate than bathe. Now, couple that with cha being a common dump stat for a foul personality and worse habits. You see where I'm going with this?

Antipaladin could be pretty gross due to their plague bearer ability (they are immune to diseases but can still carry them and spread to others). I figure you could describe them as having the physical symptoms of the diseases (such as pox, weeping sores, rotting flesh and so on) but have them purely cosmetic and not harmful to the antipaladin at all.

A favourite of mine is the Hoard Gullet spell from the 3.5e book Dragon Magic: html

In a previous Pathfinder game, my goblin magus researched a variation of the spell that allowed for retrieving specific items:


Hoard Gullet
School: Transmutation
Level: Bard 2, Magus 2, Sorcerer/Wizard 2, Summoner 2, Witch 2
Components: V, S, M (a watermelon seed)
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 24 hours

You gain a magical second stomach, which can be used to transport objects securely.

You can safely swallow and transport any object you could normally swallow (including items at least three size categories smaller than you). The capacity of your hoard gullet is 100 pounds and/or 10 cubic feet per caster level (up to a maximum of 2,000 pounds and 200 cubic feet).

You can’t expel individual items from your hoard gullet, but you can expel its entire contents into your square as a full-round action. It otherwise functions as a bag of holding. At the end of the spell’s duration, anything still in your second stomach is immediately and instantly brought up, falling to the ground next to you.

The contents of the hoard gullet are expelled through your mouth; if their egress is blocked, and the hoard gullet contains more than can fit in your mouth, the spell attempts a Strength check to expel or burst the obstruction with an effective Strength equal to your caster level plus the modifier of the ability score that governs your spellcasting (see Damaging Objects for example DCs). If this Strength check fails, you take damage equal to 1/10th of your maximum hitpoints as some part of your anatomy bursts instead.

You can’t have more than one hoard gullet active at one time; casting this spell while under the effects of an active Hoard Gullet refreshes the duration of the previous casting.

As a full-round action, you may attempt to remove an individual item by succeeding on a DC 15 Dexterity check to reach in and manually grab something. If you are willing or helpless, another creature with a suitably sized appendage may make the attempt.

Research parameters
Cost: 2,300 gp (Base cost 2,000, +300 to lower DC by 3)
Time: 1 week
Skill: Knowledge (Arcana) & Spellcraft
DC: 19 (Base DC 24, -2 for material component, -3 for extra research materials)

The "normally swallow" clause was applied rather loosely because of his big mouth. Through judicious use of Enlarge and Reduce Person, the spell was also used to transport the party's dwarf, when it became apparent that we were one person over the limit for Teleport at the goblin's caster level at the time.

I was also looking into a ratfolk alchemist with a tumor familiar with the Mauler template.

DRD1812 wrote:
I have a great-love for garbage pail characters. How would you go about building the most disgusting possible PC?

Just wanted to say I'm an avid fan of your comic. That is all.

Peachbottom wrote:
A bloatmage that can cast the skinsend spell.

Going to have to agree with this.

Bloatmage+literally anything is a really horrific combination that ends up really disgusting just by virtue of being a Bloatmage.

Racial Heritage Ogre, pick up Corrupted Flesh and Improved Stench and Ability Focus and a ring of constant Amplify Stench... the rest writes itself.

How about an oracle with the odious curse (3pp) gives them the stench quality but also some gross spells like stinking cloud and insect plague.BTW does the gross character have to be evil or no? I could see a good oracle who's nice but no one wants to be around him/her because of their curse.

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