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Hi! I'm building a character for Strange Aeons, and since it is a creepy campaign I wanted to build a creepy little character. Submitted for your advice on how to tweak her and make her better, I give you "Boo".

Halfling Unchained Rogue (Knife Master) (20) CN alignment
Alternate racial traits: Fleet of Foot, Shadowhunter
Drawback: Umbral Unmasking (Boo casts no shadow, and she doesn't know why. She is obsessed with shadows and figures if hers has been stolen then she should be able to steal someone else's)
Traits: Disillusioned, Enduring Stoicism, Paragon of Speed

Feats/Abilities by level
(1) - Childlike, Weapon Finesse (Bonus)
(2) - RT:Combat Trick (Two-Weapon Fighting)
(3) - Finesse Training (Dagger), Piranha Strike
(4) - RT: Minor Magic (Detect Magic)
(5) - Rogue's Edge (Intimidate), Extra Talent - Major Magic (Vanish)
(6) - RT: Umbral Gear
(7) - Extra Talent (Fast Stealth)
(8) - RT: Gloom Magic
(9) - Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
(10) - RT: Familiar
(11) - Improved Familiar (Agathion, Silvanshee)
(12) - RT: Stalker Trick (Hide in Plain Sight)
(13) - Quicken Spell-like Ability
(14) - RT: Opportunist
(15) - Skill Focus (Stealth)
(16) - RT: Ninja Trick (Assassinate)
(17) - Hellcat Stealth
(18) - RT: Improved Evasion
(19) - Extra Talent (Greater Gloom Magic)
(20) - RT: Trap Spotter

I don't know how much my GM has modified things. And I don't want to spoil any of the fun for you.

In our Strange Aeons campaign, every single character that doesn't have a very good will save and/or significant constant bonuses against fear and/or mind control, has had an extremely rough time.

Every character has died off or retired/replaced with one that does have good will saves or at least those 2 types of bonuses. (Some we had to kill ourselves.)

Fear saves and mind control saves in the mid 20's are quite common (we are currently level 9).

You've got at least 3 ways to hide, but not dampen presence. I'd suggest that as feat or rogue talent in place of one of those.

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Thanks for the info!

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