Interpretations of Rostlar's Tomb in terrain builds (spoilers)

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Starting to prep some Dwarven Forge builds for both occurrences of Roslar's Tomb, since I'm finding the repeat/but different use very inspiring/interesting.

There's a few ways I can tackle this and wanted to see what other people thought would be most effective/lore-appropriate/player intriguing.

Option 1) Boneyard version 'ideal', ornate, clean. Real version, less ornate, some ruins.
This is probably I think the closest to the module as written. I'd use a worked stone with pillars motif, along with marble floors/dias in many places for the boneyard. I have some skeletal inserts that could dress it in that direction, but that seems a little odd with the ostivites around. The real version loses the pillars and marble, and I have some crumbling walls I can add. I'm not sure that the differences would be as impactful on the players given my usual every other week play schedule (so likely 3-4 months or more between the two visits).

Option 2) Boneyard 'crypt like', real world as in option 1
Boneyard version goes full catacomb, all the walls have the stack alcoves resting spots for bodies, etc Skeletal motifs everywhere. The bottom floor, might stay marble for the resting spot of the hero, etc, but as you get closer to the surface it gets more catacomb/crypt like. The two versions would look completely different, maybe too different. Would likely up the tension in chapter 1. Given the number of coffins/sarcophagi this doesn't make sense from the Tomb's planning, but would if match the Boneyard's interpretation?

Option 3) Boneyard version from option 1, crypt option for the real world
Basically flipping option 2. Idealized, clean, royal tomb in the boneyard, undead spook central in chapter 2. The chapter 2 version would not be as "unfinished/unmaintained" as the module intends. The real world version would probably start worked stone and transition to catacombs as you descend (purely due to my piece count for building purposes). There's no good in-universe reason why the real world one would have been constructed this way, but I think it might have the biggest impact on the players

Any thoughts?

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I like option 1 the best, but option 3 is good as well. Also, be sure to graffiti up / vandalize the easily accessible parts of the Book 2 crypt.

I don't think adding the stack alcoves would be true to the "designs" of the tomb, as the builders of it intended. The one in the Boneyard basically reads like Abadar slipped a copy of the plans from the First Vault to the whatever that replicates tombs in the Boneyard. It is perfect, every detail that the architect envisioned in its full glory.

The one in Golarion, however... Unfinished, untended, defaced, probably slightly looted. A pale imitation, a shadow of what it could have been.

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