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Found this great Actual Play podcast of Carrion Crown:


the Hideous Laughter podcast, is so far, I'm on episode 4, a really good actual play. Sound quality is good, rules so far (only one fight) are pretty well adhered to, and they started off the funeral the way that it should be done.

Just for awareness.

It's quite good. I've been following it. Good character development, very good radio voices, a little crass at times but it's not damaging unless you really hate that sort of thing. Several players have DM experience, so there's very few egregious rules mistakes. My one hope is that the DM will stop telling players what their character's reactions are to things and let the players guide the emotional response.

They just finished the final boss of book one, and it's a very interesting fight. I'd be curious as to what DMs think of the change.

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My podcast schedule is super full, but I pick it back up every couple of weeks. I'm almost to the end of book 1.

This is a really good podcast - love Igmer.

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Arise, Lazarus! I am nowhere near as far as either of you, but I am loving this podcast so far.

Thank you for bringing it up on theses boards!

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i like that they aren't afraid to take on some of the more esoteric rules systems.

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Gave this a brief try, but dropped in the first episode after characters were derided for not imbibing (the "actual drunk" advertising is legitimate), and one player asked another why she was 'trying to math'.

Enjoying the Die by the Sword podcast's actual play of Carrion Crown - not as far along, and probably a bit less rules-fu, but fun and good twists from what I remember playing CC.

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Hey I GM this podcast! Thanks for the shout out guys! Hope you’re enjoying it this far.

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This is a really solid podcast with a deep love of the game AND a great love of drinking. :) Coming up on the end of Book 2 of Carrion Crown very soon! I definitely recommend it.

Great podcast that is like a fine wine, gets better with age. The GM is doing a fantastic job of taking the Carrion Crown Adventure Path and layering a full cohesive story across the disparate adventures.

The crew is fun and have a great and authentic friends at the table vibe.

Keeping it fun while keeping it spooky, I am a huge fan of this cast. Check it out!

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