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So I'm not aure if this has been touched on or not... What feats work for arrow explosion? I've been looking for information in regards to the use of arrow explosion after doing a full attack with rapid shot, many shot and clustered shot...

Since clustered shot adds it all as one damage does ot get copied for arrow explosion or does just one arrow get copied?

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It just copies one arrow. Non of those feats have anything to do with the spell.

It is true that it doesn't give any guidelines on how to determine which arrow killed a creature, particularly after clustered shot, but that will have to be worked out with your GM. In most cases, it won't make any difference though, as long as the creature is dead one of the arrows killed him and typically they are all the same.

Alright then another question, what about from massive damage? 1/2 or 50 hp. If the total damage of the clustered shot causes that how is ot determined?

Massive Damage + Clustered Shots uses the full damage from the attack.

How would arrow explosion work with it though?

Clustered shot and arrow explosion has been answered above however, what happens when its massive damage caused by a cluatered shot that kills the target. Would arrow explosion then use the clustered shots total hits, would only one arrow still be copied or would massive damage not trigger it at all?

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If there isn't an 'arrow or crossbow bolt you used to kill a creature in the previous round' then the spell won't work.

So either the GM will have to work with you to determine one, or the spell will fail. In the case of using the optional death from massive damage rule, where a clustered shot killed them because of massive damage, I would say that there is not an arrow that killed him, rather it was an entire volley that caused massive damage.

There is no way to use multiple arrow strikes for the single arrow of arrow explosion. Arrow explosion requires an arrow, not an 'attack' so something that combines multiple arrows into one attack doesn't help it.

Is this about arrow eruption? I can't find an arrow explosion.

Arrow eruption copies one arrow, not all of the arrows used in a clustered shot. If you're worried about which arrow killed the creature whose corpse you're targeting (possibly because you used multiple arrows with different damage or properties in your full attack last round), it's simple enough--you still loose multiple arrows in a particular order, same as any other full attack, so add them up in order and figure out which arrow was the one that dealt the lethal blow. That's the one whose copies erupt from the corpse when you cast arrow explosion. Unless that arrow alone can deal massive damage, massive damage is not likely to be relevant.

Makes sense, so 2 paths then for massive damage and arrow explosion. DM and I sit down and figure out if we use a single arrow from the clustered shot volley or 2) determine that massive damage is not a viable trigger for the spell.

Thanks that actually helps. My issue was in the wording of the spell, it would help of it had an errata with a list of feats that would work with the spell.

Now has there been a posting about the arcane archers arrow of slaying and arrow explosion?? I have read somewhere that due to an arcane archer only beomg able to have 1 created at a time that arrow explosion would only create 1 copy. Would the arrow of slaying actually fall under the last section pf the spell under things it can't copy?

And yeah it would be the level 2 spell arrow eruption. Sorry not actually looking at spell while writing the posts.

You should keep in mind a lot of GM's don't use massive damage rules, because it's relatively easy to deal 50 damage in one turn, and even pretty easy to do in one hit, especially on crits.

I've never had a GM use it.

@ claxon: Massive damage rule is either 50hp or 1/2 total hp which ever is higher. So a dragon isn't forced to make a save after taking 50 hp damage.

I understand, but it's still really easy to get to that point on a lot of creatures.

My point is that you should verify with your GM that they're okay with using the massive damage rules, most aren't in my experience.

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