What happens to people who worship gods (and similar beings) who live on the Prime?

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So, there are numerous demigods and similar beings (such and Oni lords, Great Old Ones, or even the conqueror worms in Bestiary 6), who live on the Prime material plane. So what happens to their followers? Do they become petitioners of the Prime? And what do they turn into (I assume the Oni And Rakshasa followers become Oni and Rakshasa but no idea with the Great Old Ones)

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Depends on the deity. We cover what happens to Oni and Rakshasa worshipers in Book of the Damned (they become petitioners who are native outsiders), and go into a bit further detail in Planar Adventures (the section on the River of Souls).

I'm not sure we've clarified things for Gozreh, but my preference is that his worshipers either end up going to the elemental planes, get reincarnated as animals or plants, or otherwise merge with Nature.

Conqueror Worms don't care. Their worshipers just go to the great beyond and get sent on to a place appropriate for them as determined by Pharasma.

Elder Mythos likewise don't care, but their worshipers are more likely to end up having their souls destroyed or consumed or corrupted in some way, either becoming undead, being destroyed by the deity they worship in the relatively rare cases where one of them cares or notices souls, or in most cases just go on to the afterlife as normal and end up gettting sorted by Pharasma... and as often as not just get sent to the Maelstrom or the Abyss.

Ok, on that note what exactly happens when a soul "merges" with a plane? Do they just cease to exist or what.

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It's pretty much the metaphysical analogy of how when your body dies it gets broken down and used for nutrients by various things and eventually turns into dirt and trees and animals etc. I figure.

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