How would you balance out this party?


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DeathlessOne wrote:
If anyone is curious, the Barbarian that I am building to play as my own character, is a venerable character who at one time had more invested in his physical stats than his mental. I am literally rolling the dice to see if he survives to level two and picks up Spring Rage. Then, he becomes a REAL barbarian when he rages. When he isnt raging, he is not some dumb bag of rocks that is only good at intimidating someone. I have taken precautions to keep him alive (though the additional traits feat and careful selection of consumable magic items). The character gives me some interesting role play opportunities in order to explain how he operates. Ive chosen to play him as a scatter-brained old man who is quite sure that he was a wizard and that the events of the adventure begin to spark his inner fire once more. When the moment comes that he flies into his first rage (which I surely hope doesn't happen until level two), it will mean something.

That sounds amazing. I didn't know the Sring Rage power, but now I'm considering a barbarian for my backup character (bonus, I don't need to start at level 1, so I can start with it). The only thing I'd do differently is take the BREADTH OF EXPERIENCE feat at level 1, but it's race-locked and has to be your first feat (and may not fit the forgetful character now that I think of it).

Let us know if youbmake it to 2nd level.

Seems like a good party for skald actually. Get that linnorm curse power and have the summoner pop off 1d4+2 easily crushed summons

For what it's worth I've always considered making characters in a vacuum for white room scenarios to be detrimental. I'm always up for party synergy.
That's why 9/10 times I reccomend bards.

As for undead I Golarik they seem to be fueled by negative energy for malevolent purposes or reasons. That makes that evil.

At this point you have race, class, and some broad outlines for each PC (at least as far as what is presented here), is there anything more specific you are after? A specific one of the 4 that needs help? Or just fishing for inspired advice?

Well, fishing for inspired advice would not be far outside of the mark. Despite being very familiar with gameplay and running campaigns, I am not (nor do I expect to be) completely cognizant of each characters vulnerabilities, potential pitfalls, and the overall party dynamic. While I don't want to hyper focus on combat to the point that I completely render the CR system irrelevant, I want to make sure that the group functions as well as it can with its chosen roles (within the assumed classes/races).

For example... The Aasimar barbarian won't be taking an actual combat oriented feat until at least 3rd level because of the choices I've made in his development. He might even forgo wearing much armor (if any) due to his lower, out of combat, strength score. Tips of offsetting the dangers inherent in that (aside from "get some armor stupid, its that easy") would be appreciated. As for right now, I am have been toying with the idea of dipping two levels into Kineticist (*gasp* what are you doing!!!) just to pick up the Elemental Ascetic. Possibly Water Dancer monk as well. This is to get the Wisdom and Charisma he has to work for him. Also, to let him focus on unarmed combat to a degree. VMC Wizard is also on the table, as he really does think he is a wizard. Having him manifest a familiar and wizard school powers helps reinforce the delusion.

For the warpriest, most feats will be spent on optimizing her melee combat ability, and channeling abilities (in that priority). Calamities will suffice for ranged abilities and don't require an attack roll. She will worship Saranrae but won't be a Dex build.

The Slayer sort of builds itself, once you focus on what combat styles you want to build around. This one is archery, with normal combat feats possibly spent towards two weapon fighting. Definite dex build. Also, the trapfinder, eventual magic trap disabler.

As for the necromancer, he's a wizard. He's going to play god with the battlefield and warp the undead into oblivion. Unlike the Warpriest, he will be the anti-undead powerhouse.

Keeping all that in mind, I do welcome suggestions on alternate means to achieve our goals, up to and including multiclassing options, different feat choices, fighting styles, and specific tactics that take advantage of our unique abilities.

For an archery focused slayer I would skip any melee feats at all (maybe just weapon finesse to take advantage of high dex if it comes to that). I have found that with positioning, and eventually point blank master, dedicated archers don't melee very often at all. I do like to wear a spiked gauntlet and MW buckler, just in case.

For the barbarian it is too bad a bloodrager would have to wait too long to get spring rage, the spells, potential familiar, and use for a higher charisma would be nice.

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Java Man wrote:
For the barbarian it is too bad a bloodrager would have to wait too long to get spring rage, the spells, potential familiar, and use for a higher charisma would be nice.

Well, yes. Only two things actually prevented me from considering bloodrager. One, the 4 levels it would take before the character had any serious melee potential. And two, I really don't intend to actually let the character become a spellcaster.

I love playing spellcasters, and I gravitate towards casters that can do a bit of everything, and the 6th level casters are my bread & butter. But, I felt a need to shake myself out of that comfort zone and see what I could do with stacking the odds against myself. I want to see what I can do without actually using spells.

You only need two levels of barbarian for the concept, but with a lowish base CON I can see rage rounds being important to you. Especially so considering that your character would hardly be able to contribute without it. Dipping could be rough in the low levels/low mid levels, even.

Maybe go invulnerable rager for defenses besides AC?

Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:
You only need two levels of barbarian for the concept, but with a lowish base CON I can see rage rounds being important to you. Especially so considering that your character would hardly be able to contribute without it. Dipping could be rough in the low levels/low mid levels, even.

Well, funny thing about that. His BASE constitution is actually 16. He merely has an age penalty to the score. I know it might be a sticky issue for others as those penalties are not actually temporary, but it wont be a problem in our game. He will start with 7 rounds of rage.

Maybe go invulnerable rager for defenses besides AC?

I've got a heavy impulse to keep the Savage Barbarian archetype should I decide to go with the Elemental Ascetic and Waterdancer idea I mentioned earlier. And Savage doesn't stack with Invulnerable Rager. Even though I am playing a barbarian, his natural impulse is not going to be just to run in there and get hit. He does think himself to be a wizard, after all. Until the adrenaline hits him. I think holding on to Uncanny dodge might be important for him ...

A few more small bits: contagious zeal is a fun spell for a war priest, it can be swift cast with fervor, but can then be shared with allies. The two half elves can take advantage of the human FCB to snag extra combat feats or slayer talents.

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Alrighty. Our resident Aasimar Barbarian has survived his first session of the Dead Roads. With all of his 10 AC, he managed to get bitten by a skeleton, hit it for one (stupid 1d6 roll...) damage in return, and resorted to using some consumable items to keep his distance (wand of magic missile). Failed UMD checks were hilarious as the old man couldn't figure out why his "magic" wasn't working, until it did and he took down an enemy with his signature "Eldritch Bolt" "spell".

Because of his ... unique blend of skills, he was able to assist with identifying potions, knowledge checks, decoding ancient texts, and talking his way out of a fight. The role play was splendid and I still get a chuckle that he is faster than the rest of the group. Best way to survive is to be faster than the others (hahaha). We've decided (GM and myself) that the character wont voluntarily fly into a rage, unless specific circumstances are met (with some wiggle room). Not yet, anyway.

I've decided that we are going to be using VMC Wizard (Foresight) and that we are only going to dip 2 levels into Kineticist (Elemental Ascetic). The reasons for VMC are simple; figment Familiar to reinforce his delusion and wizard discovery at high level for immortality.

The rest of the party ended up:
warpriest (calamity caller) [frontliner]
Cleric (evangelist) [playing the healing/buffing role]
Ranger (no archetype) [switchhitter]
ALL of them are half-elves. Ha!

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