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okay so if you dont move you get your full attack. now to share the bond is a classified as a move action/instead of moving do you only get one attack? or do you still get your full attack as you didnt actually move not even a 5ft step.

Sharing Hunter's Bond is a move action, so you will still have a standard action left. You could use a standard action to make a single attack at your highest BAB bonus, but you cannot make a full attack. A full attack is a full-round action that uses up your move and standard actions. Even if you didn't "move", you still used your move action with Hunter's Bond.

Action economy is like this, every round you get:

1 Move Action, 1 Standard Action, 1 Swift Action and "SOME" Free Actions (usually 3 free actions is considered the standard amount, but it's up to the GM).


1 Full-Round Action, 1 Swift Action and "SOME" Free Actions (again, usually 3 free actions).

So essentially the Full-Round Action replaces both the Move Action and the Standard Action. In either case as long as you don't move from your square you can also take a 5-Foot-Step (assuming nothing prevents you from taking a 5-foot-step, eg: difficult terrain).

You can make attacks of opportunity on someone else's turn, and can speak on someone else's turn. You can also take an Immediate Action on someone else's turn, but if you do it counts as your Swift Action for your following turn.

The standard rule of thumb is that you can only make 1 attack unless you're using a Full-Round Action (there are abilities that change this, but don't worry about that for now).

If you're using your Hunter's Bond at the beginning of every combat it might be worth getting Vital Strike so that you can deal more damage in the opening round (assuming you have a ranged weapon). Alternatively you could cast a spell (Rangers get some battlefield control spells, most useful at the start of the battle) or simply use your Standard Action to get into position.

Remember that you can always take 2 Move Actions instead of a Move Action and a Standard Action. Also as long as you have +1 BAB or higher you can draw a weapon as part of a Move Action to move your character.

okay thank you all for the info just seemed odd that you would not get your full attack for basically pointing and saying hit it here here here and watch out for this and that lol but it makes sense thank you

If you're talking about sharing your Favored Enemy Bonus with your allies, then it's a move action and the others have adequately covered it.

As to why it's a move action to do that...because the rules say so.

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