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My friends and I have started a Pathfinder 2nd Edition playtest group online and have a few questions about familiars.

I am running an Alchemist whom has the Alchemical Familiar feat. His concoctions have called forth Glorp who is used not unlike a pokemon.

My gnome (did I mention he was a gnome? Of course he is, what else would think this is good idea?) throws the vial containing Glorp into battle, says "Glorp, I CHOOSE YOU!" and has his familiar attack...

...Glorp rarely survives battles...

...according to the rules, Glorp's unarmed attack deals 1d4 points of damage. My gnome's going to use Minor Bestial Mutagen as well as Minor Juggernaut Mutagen on the little pokemon of his to boost the fellow's hit points to 13 and give him 3d4 on damage (assuming he can hit).

But while in combat, Glorp might be hit by a fire ball, or some other attack that offers a saving throw. What are the saves for familiars? The rules say their AC is that of their master but what of saves?

Any insight or future rules clarification/changes would be most helpful...

...and don't worry about Glorp. My gnome has a turkey baster that he uses to suck up the diminished, black puddle and puts him in a jar until Glorp can be reconstituted.


"Your familiar’s saving throw modifiers and AC are equal to your own, before applying any circumstance or conditional bonuses or penalties. Its Perception, Acrobatics, and Stealth modifiers are equal to your level plus your spellcasting ability modifier. If it needs to roll any other attack roll or skill check, it uses your level minus 2 as its modifier. It never benefits from ability modifiers or item bonuses."---Page 287

So I would assume {at least the way we have interpreted this and playing with} is, its bonus on everything would be equal to its masters level {minus of course the exceptions stated within the paragraph such as the penalty to attack.) This is because most bonuses the master would get do not apply to the familiar {ie does not apply ability modifiers, item bonuses ect to the saves} leaving only the bonuses applied by level.

Of course we could be mistaken as well. {familiars in combat never really came up, as the one familiar we had was a bird that would fly either a bit behind or overhead, and so was generally a decent distance away when fighting broke out.) And yes that character too was a gnome whom {along with the Animal Whisperer feat} would generally use that familiar to 'Twitter' with the rest of the birds.

Also, on a side note, awesome idea with Glorp familiar.

Ah, missed that completely--thank you!

Also, thanks for the comments. If anything new with Glorp comes up, I'll post about it.


Update on Glorp. Fought a ghoul tonight and HE SURVIVED!

My gnome used a mutagen to boost the little guy's hit points by five and give 'im a plus one to Fort saves.

The ghoul hit him once for five points of damage (taking the blow off the goblin sorcerer whom had been getting hit by undead all afternoon) and made one of two Fort saves on top of it...

...don't know what the second Fort save was about but we'll see...


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