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So I'd like to be able to filter out all of the prepainted minis so that I only see minis under X dollars. I'd like to get in the habit of adding a few singles or unpainted minis to each month's shipment to fill in my mini gaps. But there's two problems with this.

1. There does not seem to be an intuitive way to see all the singles paizo has in stock. If I could see that, I could sort by price. I can see all the singles per set, but not all the sets together.

2. The filter, for me, is utterly useless. I can neither filter by price nor can I filter by the company making it.

Yes, I can go set by set and painstakingly note the current price for each of them and decide. But I'm obviously not going to do that. And that is keeping me from doing business with Paizo.

Honestly, for the life of me I cannot figure out why this remains a problem (and it's been going on for as long as I've been a customer here). It's 2019, not 1994. Note: I experience these issues regardless of OS or web browser.

Paizo Employee Software Developer

Deficiencies in our search options are a concern for us a well. Updating search filtering options as you described is among our planned changes as part of a wide range of general improvements to product browsing and navigation. Among these improvements are large-scale core infrastructure changes that will enable us to make other improvements much more quickly and efficiently in the future. We understand that this can be frustrating to users who don't see visible website improvements from these backend changes in the meantime. However, rest assured that we are still taking user feedback into account and incorporating it to our planned updates to the website.

That's all very good and well, but it frankly means that you're not getting my money. Case in point - I was going to order several miniatures tonight to take advantage of the expiring discount coupon. I painstakingly go through the awful website to find the minis I want, put them in my cart, but because the website won't let me put multiple instances of the same mini in the cart right off the bat, I have to update the quantities in the checkout.

So I go to update them and when I hit the update button... MY ENTIRE CART IS DELETED.

Brilliant. You've just lost fifty dollars in sales. "Congratulations". And yes, I'm *quite* annoyed.

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