Please cancel subscriptions. Thanks for the service so far.

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Please could my subscriptions end, asap.
If possible, could I cancel upcoming order #7746347?

I'm happy with service over the years, but events are making it difficult to keep up regular payments of those amounts, for a hobby.

Economic instability, and a falling pound has led to more and more parcels falling victim to customs fees, which wipe out the savings made.

Brexit is making a recession likely, whichever version is adopted. Even if it's cancelled, the country's reputation has been damaged, and companies no longer trust the UK as a base of operations.

And my job will be moving to a more distant town at the end of next year. A decision has to be made, if I'm following it (and eating an extra hour's travel per day), or looking for new work.

With all of that, I can't commit to maintaining subscriptions, especially with a product pile that I haven't read yet.

Thank you to everybody at Paizo, for friendly customer service over the years, and all staff who've taken the time to answer our posts.
I'd like to maintain the forum account, to keep in touch with friends I've made.


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Hello Snorter,

That is entirely understandable. It's my understanding that Brexit will have a significant impact on many individuals and I wish you luck navigating the situation. I hope that all the material you've accumulated so far gives you plenty of hours of gaming still to play.

I have canceled your subscriptions as well as the pending order. You should soon receive an email confirming this change to your account. We of course hope that you will continue to engage in the community and enjoy the people and the game!

If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. Thank you!

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