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Oh, I'm sure many of the big names have sheets, But characters like the absorbing man or one of the Ultron drones(which you will definitely be fighting) are a bit tricky. And most of the time it's easy enough to just keep track of one or two powers. I dont need the entire array of abilites.

Hell, absorbing man is interesting enough as a character I'd probably make his sheet myself- Lots of morph and increased toughness, probably with some damage and affliction.

Interested, I am going to think about a character later this evening when I'm back from work. Debating between my (usual) shapeshifter type, or maybe a rogueish type with earth or shadow powers. I am still floating ideas though.

Hehe I must admit I'm struggling to choose among all the options, but I do have a blurb with the character story and personality ready while I think about his powers.


Name: Mark Maddox (Code name undecided, it will depend on the power set)

Mark is a mutant, whose power manifested in his early teens, he became a runaway pretty quickly, but he never fully cut ties with his family, his parents are both doing fine and he has too brothers, himself being the middle child. In fact they are as supportive as they can be given the distance and his life choices, while he is extremely protective of them.

He had used his powers in his youth mostly to satisfy his teenage desires, he had been a petty criminal, super powered prizefighter, thief, cat burglar and has accumulated a quite impressive collection of criminal charges even before his twenties.

He had even clashed with superheroes in the past and had used his powers with violent ends. He had always followed a sort of ‘code of honor’ despite being a criminal and never saw himself as a supervillain, a thrill seeker, perhaps? Even during those clashes he had done his best not to cause collateral damages and even helped the good guys a few times even if he had to abandon the loot or risk arrest.

He had occasionally worked for less than reputable types, but his loyalty to them only lasted for as long as he did believe that his code of honor would not be harmed.

Still before the beginning of the Fall, he has been arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. with his powers kept contained somehow.

With the current situation of the world, S.H.I.E.L.D. had offered him amnesty if he begun working for them and the young man had seen it as a way to both regain his freedom and perhaps even do some good. He is however by far not the most trusted agents and more than a few in the organization are not convinced about his loyalty.


Mark is a playful and optimistic guy, he has flexible morals, but he does have a few taboos that he won't really cross no matter what. He is nominally religious, his family is catholic, but himself he doesn't really practice.

He tends to be lighthearted even in face of troubles, his arrest had tempered his recklessness a bit, but he still likes getting into trouble and definitely don't mind the adrenaline rush of a fight. He is fiercely protective of those he cares about, despite being usually pretty selfish and operating with an “what's in it for me” mentality, he is trying his best to actually do some good with his life. A leopard though, doesn't easily lose his spots.

He enjoys his powers and see them as a blessing, in fact, he might be a bit too reliant on them. Why learn to do something if you can “magick” yourself out of troubles most of the time?



Relationship: family Tyler cares about his family deeply, even if they don’t see each other frequently, his parents and his brothers are definitely buttons that can be pushed to manipulate him.

Bad Reputation: former criminal He is a ‘reformed’ criminal, but he is not fully trusted yet, while he had never really done anything too heinous, he had done lots of small infractions and had clashed with heroes in the pasts (maybe even someone on the team?)

Motivation: Do some Good. With the world in such a sorry state even guys like him should do their best to make things better. Outwardly though, he still behave like a thrill seeker, but it’s mostly a façade in order not to admit to himself that he feels guilty about his criminal years.

Code of Honor: he has a few rules, but he will absolutely not kill, he has no problem with theft, lies and manipulation, but he would never took something that his mark truly needs or harm the 'little guys'.

Power Loss: (something that depends on the power set)

As for power sets I have three themes in mind:

a) Earth control (with minor abilities to affect metal), think about Avatar earth\metal benders, with the power to reshape mineral based objects, throw rocks, echolocation as long as people are touching the ground.

b) Shadow powers (maybe giving him the occult and not mutant origin), limited shapeshifting, teleport between shadows, shadow tendrils and ‘hard shadow’ creations.

c) Portals: short range teleportation, using portals offensively, deflection of attacks, bring objects and perhaps even environmental effects from far away to the scene.

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I like his backstory.

Thanks :)

Here is the Teleportation version, took me a while to build. If I got time I might also work to the develop the alternative power sets, but I like this one.

Mark Maddox “Warp” - PL 8


Strength 0, Stamina 3, Agility 4, Dexterity 3, Fighting 1, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 2

Acrobatics 4 (+8), Athletics 2 (+2), Deception 4 (+6), Insight 1 (+5), Investigation 2 (+4) Perception 1 (+5), Sleight of Hand 2 (+9), Stealth 4 (+8), Technology 4 (6)

Equipment (2) – Smart Phone, Binoculars, Multitool, Night Vision Googles, GPS, Gas Mask, Rope, Multi-Tool, Undercover Shirt (2).


Teleport Tricks: Enhanced Trait 2 (Sleight of Hands +4): Do small scale teleportation tricks, to mimic prestidigitation • 2 points

Blink Teleport Reaction Teleport (Imminent Attack) • 5 points

Dimensional Pocket 1 Extradimensional storage of mass rank in materials • 1 point

Teleportation Array
. . Apport 8: Perception Ranged Teleport Attack 8, Precise, Subtle, Change Velocity, Change Direction, Increased Mass 5 • 41 points
. . Teleport 8 Precise, Subtle, Increased Mass 5, Change Velocity, Change Direction • 1 point
. . Apportive Attack 8 Perception Ranged Teleport, Affect Objects, Precise, Subtle, Change Velocity, Change Direction, Increased Mass 5 • 1 point
. . Environmental Superimposition Ranged Cloud (3) Damage 7, Variable Descriptor 1 (Environmental Effects) • 1 point
. . Call Object: Ranged Create 8, Innate, Precise, Continuous Limited (Objects he has familiarity with) • 1 point

Initiative +4
Grab, +1
Unharmed, +1
Ranged Attack +4 (gun if he gets any)
Apport 8 (Teleportation, DC 18 Dodge)
Apportive Attack 8 (Damage 8, DC 18 Fortitude)
Environmental Superimposition (60 ft cloud, Damage 8, DC 18 Dodge)

Dodge 8, Parry 5, Fortitude 6, Toughness 6, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities 38 + Powers 53 + Advantages 2 + Skills 11 (22 ranks) + Defenses 16 = 120


Relationship: family Mark cares about his family deeply, even if they don’t see each other frequently, his parents and his brothers are definitely buttons that can be pushed to manipulate him.

Bad Reputation: former criminal He is a ‘reformed’ criminal, but he is not fully trusted yet, while he had never really done anything too heinous, he had done lots of small infractions and had clashed with heroes in the pasts (maybe even someone on the team?)

Motivation: Do some Good. With the world in such a sorry state even guys like him should do their best to make things better. Outwardly though, he still behave like a thrill seeker, but it’s mostly a façade in order not to admit to himself that he feels guilty about his criminal years.

Code of Honor: he has a few rules, but he will absolutely not kill, he has no problem with theft, lies and manipulation, but he would never took something that his mark truly needs or harm the 'little guys'.

Power Loss: powerful electrical fields distort his powers, if he is electrocuted in a way that damages him he won't be able to teleport for a short while,he can't cross force fields and mystical barriers.

As for abilities Mark is very focused, he can pretty much teleport things around, his Teleport array is relatively subtle (just the one point version), with the effect being a shimmer in the air that can still be noticed, it is precise, so it can be used for finesse work, to get out of bonds and restraints or steal unattended stuff. It is not accurate though, so he has to be able to see where he goes or be familiar with the location he is going to.

All his powers are tied to perception and he doesn't have any sensory ability that would let him see past obstacles.

His apport power allows him to move targets up to mass 5 within his line of shight, can be useful to move around enemies, reposition allies, snatch objects (that of course can resist if attended), it is precise, so it can be used to do some finesse work.

On the same vain he can teleport himself around, with pretty much the same limitations and bring up to mass 5 of stuff that he is in contact with together with him.

His apportative attack works by teleporting stuff within the target or by ripping a target apart with teleportation, he doesn't like to do that however, it can be used to crack objects though, by shredding their layers through teleportation.

His Call object power is a create doesn't actually create anything, but just conjure objects (or part of objects) that he is at least somewhat familiar with to the scene, I used creation as the effect is still 'stuf appears out of nowhere', but he isn't actually making new things. I'm not sure if there actually is a better way to do this, maybe something like Dimensional Grab from Power Profile?

His Environmental Superimposition, works by calling an hostile environment from somewhere else in the world in a cloud area, it ravages the zone for a round, then it dissipates.

As for defensive abilities, he has a reactive blink when he is attacked, however, being an instinctive reaction the range is limited, so many area of effect abilities will still hit him and he can't of course react to stuff he is not aware about, meaning that it is a powerful defense, but it can definitely be circumvented, a part from that Warp is just a normal human, albeit a trained one and so he would take a punishment like everyone else.

His powers also allow him to do 'prestidigitation' like tricks, with minor teleportation, enhancing his sleight of hands ability and to store equipment 'somewhere' to call them when needed.

For abilities I went for what a rogue-ish type would have, so agility related stuff, intelligent, but not super smart, he could tell a lie, but is not supernaturally charismatic and he is well aware of his surroundings. Investigation represent mostly gathering information through contacts and in general the ability to prepare before a job by investigating his target. Technology is mostly to deal with security systems, he is probably not well versed in other technological matters.

Is this the new and improved interest thread ?

Still into making a magic super.

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GM_Panic wrote:

Is this the new and improved interest thread ?

Still into making a magic super.

I think so

I'm going to withdraw from this one--the concept isn't really coming together, and I'm getting involved in some other games and don't know that I'd have the time for another. Hope everything goes great here!

As one door closes another opens (or reopens in this case).

Am off work at the moment, so have more time to spend than anticipated.

Had a think and looked over the cool concepts pitched already - group look like they need some front-line bolstering so I'm working on an idea of a military grade character who is powered by Terrigen Mist inhalation...

SHIELD's Superhuman Restraint Division (nicknamed Cape Killers) were active in the Civil War. Likely they saw increased service in the current status quo.

My pitch will be a member of that group (perhaps even the last of them) who is being empowered by Terrigen Mist inhalation (via a respirator augmentation). Terrigen Mist enhanced Marines were used against the Inhumans, but high levels ultimately killed the recipients...

My concept will be drip fed the Mist to provide abilities to combat the superhuman threats (and cause his demise at a slower rate). As the only survivor of his division/unit he'll have a burning hatred for the villain in question (can thrash out the details with DM) and is devoted to the taking the war to the supers.

As former soldier/SHIELD "Cape Killer" his skill set will fit with combatting superhuman threats, and his augmentations (Terrigen Mist Vapours/Cybernetics) will allow him to stand toe-to-toe with some...

Working Codename: Death-Rattle

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I like the concept!

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Do any of your remember the Days of Future's Past world/game from the original MSH system that came out in the 80's?

Oof, sorry for any delay, I've been quite busy with my new game, it's been an ordeal getting plans for 2 tables going ;P

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How soon do you think we might start? Should we make a PbP profile for this game?

Well: The soonest would be the 30th, If you'd like to make a profile that would be lovely- I should be a bit more open this coming week so I have more time to plan and setup.

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oK. Should we make one for superhero identity and one for civilian identity?

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Okay, cool, I just need a sec to gather my thoughts, so happy are they. =)

Alright, I don't "technically" remember what version of M&M this character is, but I love Love LOVE playing this character! I'll update him if he's not 3.

This concept came about when someone said "ambidexterous is a useless power. No one ever uses it." I set out to prove him wrong. ^_^

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RL's thrown me another curveball so I'll have to remove my hat from the ring (again) gang.

Enjoy :)

I'm going to try and get a character made up in time- I've never played M&M before, though, so I have no idea if my character will actually be any good, but essentially the concept is that Delta is someone who was influenced by the Reality gem, and so has a bunch of reality-warping powers as a result (transfiguration, illusion-creating, etc.) Mostly a control-type character, maybe? Assuming I did this right.

Okay, so I think this is everything needed- but I legitimately do not know if I'm forgetting something. Regardless, presenting David Hubert/Delta, SHIELD agent:


Abilities: 22
STR: 0
STA: 4
AGL: 3
DEX: 0
FGT: 0
INT: 4
AWE: 0
PRE: 0

Powers: 57 points

Reality Warping: 46-point array
Transform (anything to anything, Continuous 1) 9
Illusion (5 senses) 9
Create (Impervious, Selective, Movable, Stationary, precise) 9
Healing (affects objects, persistent) 14
Perception Affliction (Progressive, Reversible) 8 (hindered, disabled, transformed)
Perception Damage (Variable Descriptor 2 [Transformations], Multiattack) 8
Perception Weaken (Affects Objects, Broad (Abilities), Precise) 8

Gravitic Control: Flight 2 Subtle 1
Minor Creation Feature (quick change) 2

Advantages: 2 points
Ultimate Effort, Takedown

Skills: 6 points
Technology 4 (+8), Expertise (science) 5 (+9) , Treatment 1 (+5), Investigation 2 (+6)

Initiative +3
Perception Affliction 9
Perception Damage 10
Perception Weaken 9

Defense: 31
Dodge: 10
Fortitude: 6
Parry: 10
Toughness: 6
Will: 10


As the events of the Infinity Gauntlet were undone, and the universe moved on, the six infinity gems were split up, kept safe by various entities across the cosmos. One of them, the powerful Reality Gem, ended up in the hands of Tony Stark, who naturally tried to tap its innermost secrets. A young man, David Herbert, a recent graduate of MIT and low-level SHIELD lab tech, was lucky enough for his offer of help to be accepted, and the physicist worked, doing minor measurements of the infinity gem. Everything went well for a few years, until he was doing a routine experiment on the gem, when it reacted violently, bursting with energy. David somehow survived, and in the wake of the accident, found that some of the gem's reality-warping powers had infused him, and set about mastering his new abilities.

When the end of the world started, Delta had a pretty good handle on his abilities, capable of transforming just about anything, and a potent healer, making him an invaluable asset to many branches of the organization.

His costume, created and destroyed at will by him, is that of a dark red hooded cloak/cape and a skintight crimson suit, with a bright blue capital Delta on his chest. His mask conceals his entire face, with no obvious eyehole, but rather a simple void.

Delta mainly has a single power, that can be leveraged in numerous ways, all involving control over reality and matter, able to create mass amounts of stuff, transfigure objects, create illusions, and so on. The general rule for his abilities is that the more impact they have, the less he can do. So, he can create massive illusions, or transform air/create matter in larger quantities than transforming something solid into something else. A limitation he currently has, and is trying to overcome, is the frustrating limitation that he can only do a single thing at a time, and as much as he wish he could intersperse illusions with actual, physical objects to confuse enemies, he hasn't mastered that yet.

His attacks use a whole variety of similar abilities- he might turn enemies into stone, drop a block of stone on their heads, transform the air in their lungs to water, or similar, creative ideas (his illusions can also damage people if he focuses hard enough).

Separate from the main body of his powers, he can leverage bits of power to allow him to hover dramatically and do minor transfigurations, even when the bulk of his abilities are focused elsewhere.

All of his powers have roughly the same manifestation- illusions collapse into red mist, any transmutations are spread across a red wave, and created objects appear in much the same way (and generally have a slightly undulating surface).

Delta is motivated in part because he enjoys his abilities and wants to develop them as much as he can, and in part because he sees the entire world being besieged around him and can't help but step up to try and defend it. Mainly, though, he loves the satisfaction that comes with a well-executed mission.
Weakness: Control. While he can usually keep his abilities under control, if he's not paying attention, reality can shift around him- things change colors, their shapes distorted, etc. If he notices the "damage" he can undo it, otherwise it's one of the few permanent effects he can create. Similarly, when he pushes himself, he can lose control, causing serious damage to those around him, leaving areas with permanently warped space and material in the most extreme cases.

Ethics: Delta primarily focuses on getting the job done first, safety second. While it doesn't hurt that his primary attack (transmuting enemies into some substance) is easily undone, he won't hesitate to kill when the situation demands it. However, he generally tries to avoid unless there's no other option (it is, after all, so much more convenient to turn villains into paperweights until they can be properly imprisoned)


Age: 28
Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, average height
Powers are Cosmic in origin

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How much story do you want?

I usually write toooooooo much, so in the interest of brevity, I'll just outline the main points, and I can always expand upon request.

Cliff notes!:

A High Council from the planet that the Symbiote Venom came from decrees that it needs to be hunted down and stopped, as the Symbiote's existence on Earth has become known.

They send their strongest Minister of War who uses his influence and brash personality to coerce the High Council into selecting him to go.
Unfortunately, he lacks the social graces, or even basic knowledge, of Earth society, to pass unnoticed, and he is quickly captured by Obadiah Stane (I had originally conceived it as LexCorp, so whatever Evil Corporation de jure is needed) who provides him with basic social skills and a smart phone.

Quickly escaping the fetters of the corporation, the Dunwich Horror continues his hunt, while also pursuing his own mysterious ends to shape the planet.

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This looks like it will be an interesting group :)

The Exchange

Would you allow a low-level cosmic entity?
In my own notes I call him "The Godling"; basically a more versatile Paragon with a cosmic power array of the most dramatic powers (move object, transformation, creation, extended teleport, etc).
Thinking some kind of Adam Warlock prototype.

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Will there be an update forth coming on the status of the game?

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I was wondering that myself?

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It doesn't look like. I wonder what the status is?

Hmm, pity.

Well, if this gets going and I'm selected, GM, just send me a PM and I'll hop in. Otherwise, good luck to all in future games!

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Ditto what he said.

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I think that this game has potential, but I think that the post from the other 2 players goes the same for me as well.

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