PC's are 100% sure Aldren is the murderer after recieving the first note.

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So just started book 2 after a bit of a distraction with Nulia and Tsuto being delivered to Magnimar to face trial. Anywho, as soon as the Party Paladin is handed the bloodstained note(Lust) she shouts "Oh no not this guy!" and reminds the rest of the party about the friendly noble who took them hunting and that constantly flirted with the Paladin. Luckily the party caught on to the Ghoul fever in the sawmill and though it more important to seek out Grest in Habe's sanatorium before heading straight to the Misgivings. So assuming I can't sidetrack them again they will be heading straight for the plot without any time fore the rest of the murders and quests happening.

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An Adventure Path is long. Let them get through book 2 quickly. There's still plenty to look forward to.

You can always make up the experience they may have gotten on the way to Turtleback Ferry.

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Honestly, good on your players for figuring it out and good on you for playing a memorable NPC. They are going to or have already headed to the sanatorium. After that have them check in with the sheriff, either just to update him or to seek assistance for the remaining residence of the sanatorium. While they are in town maester grump rushes in looking for help at the farms, there the pcs find the key to the misgivings and get to go 'haha i knew it.' It doesnt seem like they will be missing out on any of the story or xp opportunities, they lose out a little on the who done it mystery, but only because they solved it quick. I think your fine. At this point a red herring feels unnecessary.

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I totally agree with Serious - while Skinsaw Murders appears to be set up as a murder mystery, the murderer's identity isn't really well protected. There's no other suspects to suspect. Once the party gets the idea to check out Habe's Sanatorium, it's a straight arrow to figuring out who the murderer actually is.

The only thing that is between the Sanatorium and the Misgivings is the ghoul farm, and again, Serious has the right way to get this back on track - rather than meet Maester Grump in Sandpoint, they meet him along the way to the Misgivings. If they suspect ghouls might be involved at the farm, then they might bite.

Besides, the Misgivings are the real reason to play book 2. The sooner the party gets there, the better!

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I mostly agree with what has been said and the party is currently murder hobo'ing their way through the sanitarium. I just feel it is a shame to have all the other content in the chapter skipped over. I suppose I can put it at the end of the book as cleanup and just advance the monster a bit.

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