Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special Kickstarter!

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Holy crap!!!

They just launched this today, with a goal of $750K ... and in one day, they are over $4.6 MILLION!!!!

Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special Kickstarter!

This is gonna be awesome - and as MST3K has proven, this may be a Gateway to get picked up by a Studio or Streaming Service!

I am a bit underwhelmed by the goodies (Ringtones? Music Download?) - I would recommend them to do some lower Level Merchandise Options to get People interested - why not Hand out their existing Comics or stuff as KS incentives, there are loads of People out there who don't own them yet.

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I think they have underdelivered on the incentives to use as much of the money raised to fund more episodes of the proposed animation. The graph they used for how funds from each level of donation would be used shows that only 17% of pledges goes towards campaign rewards, the vast majority 74~% is going to getting the show made.

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One way many Kickstarters run into trouble is by adding a lot of side merchandise that eats up funds and takes money away from the primary purpose OF the Kickstarter.

A few well planned such items of side merchandise along the way can be great insentives, but too many can be the downfall of the Kickstarer

I agree - maybe that is something that will happen along the line. And it's why I only listed already existing stuff, which would not eat up any resources to create and can be digitally distributed, so the overhead seems manageable.

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They are now over $7.3 MILLION with 30+ still to go.

This is now the #1 highest funded movie project on Kickstarter and the #10 highest funded project PERIOD on Kickstarter!

... with 30+ still to go!

Amazing in general and fantastic for D&D.

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Almost $8.5 MILLION and 16 days still to go!
That’s just mind-blowing for a D&D internet show !!!

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It is pretty remarkable.

I hope that this project leads to other similar series, such as more C1 arcs being animated or maybe some of C2 arcs.

If one thing, I kinda hope that they get the chance to re-record the theme song. I've seen the making-of video about it, and they were... kinda rushed to get it done, such as having the studio only for one hour, Laura taking care of her son during recording and Ashley providing her part late at night after a grueling session.

They should take the time to 1) get the studio for more than 21 hour and 2) take the time make it better, such as make it longer/complete and adding Marissa and the boys to the song.

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