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If you made a vigilante that was also devoted to a God: how would you have them act? Any God is eligible for this question.

In general? They would hunt down the enemies of their religion, most likely in a country where their religion is persecuted.

Specifically? I would make a Desnan Vigilante fighting for freedom in Nidal. They would be dedicated to helping people escape, striking at the Kuthite Church, and generally being a pain (pun intended) for the Midnight Lord and his servants. Or in an Evil campaign, a Mendevian Vigilante devoted to Deskari doing his best to sabotage the fight against the Worldwound.

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Oh, I have a field day with this one.

A Hastur-devoted Vigilante whose public persona claims to worship Cayden Cailean (only use for Cayden I've found that I like, actually).

A worshiper of Sivanah who stockpiles personae (and can be a very fun, "which identity is the 'real one'? Yes. The answer is yes.").

A Razmiran vigilante whose mask is as plain as day.

That sort of thing.

I'd go for a vigilante of Milani or Cayden freeing slaves in Cheliax / Katapesh / Molthune or political prisoners in Galt.

Or a vigilante of Norgorber: effete noble by day, murderer/assassin/spy by night.

Or Calistria: happy hooker / avenging angel / mad prankster.

Any god with fairly obvious motives lends itself to vigilantes quite easily. The neutral ones like Pharasma or Nethys are harder.

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I made a Pharasmin Vigilante once... mild-mannered bookseller by day, skull-masked undead-hunter by night.

I have been toying with an idea for an Andoren operative working in Galt. The gist of it is that the character follows two closely aligned empyreal lords, shifting between their worship as they change personas. Both are dedicated to Truth, first and foremost, but their methods differ significantly. This is obviously a very specific concept, and I haven't really been able to find a place for them—but maybe someday!

Anyway, said vigilante's social persona would openly venerate Eritrice, espousing the benefits of peaceful democracy through debate and public speaking—perhaps with the intention of entering politics, and directly influencing decisions made by the Revolutionary Council. This would also be an ideal opportunity to build connections amongst the populace, and find out what needs fixing. Whenever possible, they would attempt to negotiate between opposing parties and try to reach a compromise. And then, when diplomacy and campaigning fall short, their vigilante persona would seek to emulate Zohls for a more active approach: gathering intel, infiltrating corrupt organisations and dismantling them from within, as well as uncovering dirt on the opposition to turn the public opinion against them when they return to their role as a demagogue. Their primary targets would people who spout propaganda and twist the truth in order to manipulate the mobs.

On the other hand, I would also want to play a Grey Gardener as a vigilante who worships Norgorber...

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