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Two questions to anyone who cares. You do not need to answer both of them if you do not want to.

1. What would a Chaotic Good Cleric of Callistria look like to you.

2. What would a Neutral Evil Cleric of Pharasma look like to you.

A CG cleric of Calistria would probably focus on the lust aspects, being happily promiscuous and wanting to enjoy and be enjoyed widely. He/she might also undertake vengeance on behalf of those wronged by evildoers, rather than personal vengeance. A good vigilante could be a Calistria worshiper without much problem.

A NE cleric of Pharasma would accept the cruelty of fate and the inevitability of death, not fighting the system and being willing to serve in the afterlife, but advancing themselves in this life and having a negative, morbid approach to things.

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Shadari-77 wrote:

1. What would a Chaotic Good Cleric of Callistria look like to you.

2. What would a Neutral Evil Cleric of Pharasma look like to you.

1. The cleric could focus on Trickery, and bringing those they consider 'too serious' or 'too full of themselves' down a notch through humor, encouraging by example, as much as pranks, everyone around them to live a joyful life, an endless daily celebration of the pleasures of life, instead of a pointless hoarding of things or pursuit of status. Lust as well is a big deal to you, and, 'comeuppance,' is your preferred term for vengeance, as you strongly believe that justice is not a thing that exists in the world without people to make it happen, and bring justice to the oppressed, and, more importantly, *to the oppressors.* You do whatever you can to harm dictators and tyrants and slavers and abusers of women with methods ranging from embarrassing gossip and rumormongering to humiliating pranks to supporting underground railroads and secret safe spaces for those fleeing oppression.

2. Life is a somber march to the grave, and anything that avoids that fate is the enemy. You plan assassinations of anyone who defies their fate and, in your opinion, 'lives too long.' Undead are obvious heretics, to be returned to the holy grave as soon as encountered, and gathering funds to use to recruit harassment missions to Geb (even if such missions inevitably become suicide missions for the adventurers recruited, and risks retaliation from Geb upon whatever country you live in) is one aspect of your crusade, but you also consult local geneologies and even bard's tales to find evidence of people living far longer than their family historically does, or 'heroes' who have survived impossible odds, and, in your opinion, 'defied fate' by bucking these odds. These individuals, once identified, you send to the judgment they thought to avoid. You particularly dislike the idea of using healing magic on people who are not clerics and cannot heal on their own. Injury is meant to test us, to bring us closer to Pharasma, and people who are not clerics (preferably of Pharasma) shouldn't have access to it. Divine casters other than clerics using healing magic are annoying. Arcane casters like bards and alchemists using curative magic, particularly distributing it to others who would have no healing themselves otherwise, is downright blasphemy and makes your blood boil.

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