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I'm starting a new campaign and have a player who wants to play an unchained summoner with a protean eiloden. He also has a great backstory, with trauma. He wants to talk through a little ventriloquist doll as part of cooping with that.

I'm thinking of rewarding this creative backstory with letting his eiloden "retreat" into the doll until summoned. He will gain NO bonuses, just be able to talk with his eiloden. In every way but the communication, the protean will be "dismissed".

Can you guys think of any way this would backfire? I'm thinking if he's knocked out or anything, the eiloden is inaccessible for a set amount of time (I don't want him to use him as a suicide scout). I've never played a summoner/played with one, so I've been reading all about it. but thought I'd ask ya'll.

Thanks guys!

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The most significant reason to have a dismissed eidolon is to enable standard action summoning. If your intent is to allow the player to bypass the 10 minute (?) ritual for calling the eidolon and instead allow him to 'retreat' into the doll and presumably come back out as a standard action or possibly full round action... that's what you've done.

Is it game-breaking? not really... but it is a power (flexibility) boost.

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From what I understand or your post, Belladonna's concerns are unjustified, as you will be treating the doll just like an alterative to being on another plane.

Mechanically, another way of looking at it is that the doll is a magic item that allows extraplanar communication to the eidolon. With the proviso of a time limit on being able to communicate after being forcibly unsummoned it isn't really a very big or useful advantage, more a gimic than anything else.

The only thing you might want to think about is what happens if the doll is destroyed, lost etc.

I don’t see any big issues with it. A minor issue could be having a banished eidolon still able to communicate to the summoner. But that could be patched.

Also I’m pretty sure the summoning ritual is only 1 minute.

I think it's great flavor and creativity on the part of your PC, and this is something to be encouraged rather than discouraged. I can't see any real "abuses" that he might attempt to get away with per se, but maybe you should have a discussion with your player that you as the DM reserve the right to change/modify his doll/eidolon if any abuses begin to occur.

If it's just an alternative to it just being in its home plane until summoned and it can only talk, not move around, it should be fine.

Unless the eidolon is built to be a knowledge/skill expert, in which case it's a significant upgrade. Unlikely, and probably not a problem short of a player willing to abuse your generosity.
If you're on the same page, go for it.

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