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I'm holding my first Pathfinder session TOMORROW, and I feel the Black Fang Dungeon alone is too short for a session. I'm finishing up some notes on Ravenwatch, but I don't exactly have time to come up with campaigns for the other Beginner Box suggestions, such as:
-Deeper in the Dungeon
-Goblin Hunt
-Haunted Moors
-Night Thieves
-The Old Light
-Pest Control
-Pigtongue the Ogre

Does anyone have any PDFs or Documents I can use for maps and encounters? Any help would be much appreciated.

Note:If anyone has PDFs or documents for the Dozen Dungeon Story lines, that'd also be much appreciated. It would also be cool if they somehow all connect into an overarching story.

Sovereign Court

There are some really cool BB adventures available to buy. I like the fey one especially.

Check the Paizo store.

I'm assuming you're still looking for more stuff (and failing that someone with a similiar question will find this topic): You could buy the third party Trial of the Apprentice. I've heard good things about that one.

For free stuff, there was a bunch of free modules released by Wizards of the Coast for 3.5 on their website for various level ranges. It would take some conversion, but 3.5 to PF is really easy for adventure conversion. Bigger issues is that the quality varied wildly (some were really good modules in their own right, others are small dungeons), they weren't really meant to be chained into a single campaign, and (most annoyingly) that in changing their site they broke everything so finding the working download links is a bit of a pain (I think Wizards has wiped their forums three times at this point).

Sovereign Court

Wayfinder also has a couple of BB adventures.

One is a sequel to the adventure in the Box.

They are free.

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