My PCs plan to destroy the Vekker cabin

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The party in my game entered the upper entrance to the Vekker cabin, encountered the Hungry Dead haunt, and the immediate reaction is to reduce the cabin to cinders via massively metamagiced fireballs (as the sorceress, as good a pastiche of Lina Inverse as the player could manage, was the one to fall victim to it) and teleport out. They haven't even explored the ore shaft or lower levels of the cabin yet. The snowstorm is driving outside, but her stated plan is to blow up the cabin, take the party, and teleport out to try to locate Xin-Shalast through research at Jorgenfist and divination, which we as GMs know will not work. Fortunately I planned to end the session on that haunt anyway as we were running out of time, so this isn't irrevocable, but if they go ahead and do it, what do I do? Without what Silas' ghost tells them, they can't find Xin-Shalast, and that's the end of the AP.

If they know they need to search in the Mhar Massif, they may be able to find the Fen of the Icemists. You can use Svevenka to reveal the method to find Xin-Shalast. She's supposed to have had some contact with the inhabitants of Xin-Shalast before Karzoug started returning.

There may also be groups of giants heading to Xin-Shalast. supposedly some rune giants are out there, dominating the elders of various giant tribes and sommanding them to lead their tribes to Xin-Shalast. They would also know the route. Going opposite way, there may be giant patrols and Karzoug's agents.

Admittedly, if your players' attitude is "kill first and don't ask questions later" it may be a challange to make them obtain the information.

Did they do any of the research in Jorgenfist in Part 4 about Xin-Shalast? There's a table there that provides them some information about Xin-Shalast if they can hit the DCs. Remember, if you fail a knowledge check, you can't attempt it again, so if they don't succeed, they don't get the result.

Otherwise, this sounds like an opportunity to break out the Research Rules from Ultimate Intrigue (scroll down about 3/4 of the way on the page). The AP says Mokmurian destroyed the information about how to find Xin-Shalast, but maybe he missed something - enough to get them to the Fen of the Icemists, at least, to meet Svevenka. It should take them several days to figure it out, though. If you have Return of the Runelords, you could use the stat block for the Jorgenfist Library presented in Book 4 of that AP.

At the end of the day, if all else fails, they can capture a Rune Giant and try to get how to find Xin-Shalast out of it. Of course, finding the Rune giant could be its own mini-adventure.

What divinations are they going to use to try and find it?

In my campaign, to tie up several loose ends and flesh out a character story, the contacts Svevenka had/has with residents of Xin-Shalast were intrepid and zealous Spared who ventured out to find the people the prophecy said would save them from the Hidden Beast. You could jury-rig the Silas knowledge and encounter using these Spared, if you did the same.

Long story short- my suggestion is that you have their divinations point them to Svevenka; Svevenka tells them about the Spared that have come out but been unable to go back (and maybe tell them where one or more perished); you revamp Silas so that he's now the ghost of a Spared who kept a journal.

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I wouldn't let the fireballs blow up the cabin. Or at least have it damaged, but not fully destroyed. This leaves the haunts active.

Meanwhile your party is near enough the occluding field to have their teleporting messed up. I made it clear to my casters that they could tell something 'weird' was going on up around the cabin, and further north - and that it was likely to cause issues with teleportation. That was enough to scare my party from teleporting back to Magnimar. My plan was, if they teleported, to shunt them into a nearby mountain then back out into the snow with some significant but no fatal damage.

You could also get proactive: and have some of the haunts call he PCs to them. Anything to get the plot-as-written rolling rather than have them just burn stuff. You can also have the Wendigo attack, and then activate the main plot haunt after they've defeated it. Or if the wendigo manages to grab one of the PCs, have it take them up the valley further to where the frozen corpse and its ghost is.

Silver Crusade

The rest of the party elected not to cooperate, so the cabin exploration is proceeding as scheduled, minus one very surly sorceress.

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