What are your favorite archetypes that stack?

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As the subject states, within any single class, which archetypes have you found that stack and really complement/complete each other?

Example (Big Dumb Fighter):

Opportunist Fighter/ Mutagen Warrior

Opportunist Fighter gives additional class skills, Cunning Edge (which gives you Bombs), and you get Alchemical Onslaught (to make better use of your bombs).

Mutagen Warrior gives you Mutagen (duh), and the Wings Discovery at level 7.

You can use any race, any weapon, any armor, Strength or Dexterity, whatever you want... and still enjoy flying around throwing bombs at people in your spare time.

What are some of your favorites?

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Synthesist & Blood God Disciple.

You can turn into a monster that gets stronger by eating people!


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Drunken Master Sensei Qinggong Monk of the Four Winds.

At level 12 you are able to spend 6 ki points to give all allies within 30' 3 standard actions. In order to manage this heavy ki expenditure drink heavily (you can have 6 drunken ki at level 13.) Also, you can share whatever other Qinggong powers you grab: Slow Fall, High Jump, Wholeness of Body, and Tongue of Sun and Moon are what you can/want to trade away. What you should grab depends on what the rest of the party offers; no one says "no" to free barkskin though.

Sovereign Court

I find I keep coming back to Underground Chemist and Rake. Quickdraw on alchemicals, sneak attack on splash weapons, and forgo some damage to intimidate with a bonus. Reminds me a bit of Green Goblin.

Pact Wizard / Pact Wizard. Pact Wizard is just really strong, and Pact Wizard can be a pretty good trade if you wanted Improved Familiar anyway. Not many good Wizard Archetypes besides those.

Lelomenia wrote:
Pact Wizard / Pact Wizard. Pact Wizard is just really strong, and Pact Wizard can be a pretty good trade if you wanted Improved Familiar anyway. Not many good Wizard Archetypes besides those.

LOL. But yes, Pact Wizard (HH) / Exploiter Wizard is the gold standard for wizard double archetyping.

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Hexcrafter / Staff Magus: No particular reason, other than this was the first Magus I ever played and I loved it.

Belkzen Wardrummer / Sunsinger Skald: Currently playing this in an Iron Gods campaign. The plans I have with this guy ... Won't even NEED a cleric once I get to 4th level, and then I can channel energy at 5th level. You ever see a bard/skald heal someone, and do it well? I'm gonna make them look like they weren't even trying. Free crafting feat at 7th level, masterpieces, shatter walls/doors with performance rounds. I fear for our enemies if one of my group members decide to use summon monster/nature ally spells. Nothing like cursing our enemies when they are forced to take out our summons.

Urban Barbarian/Indomitable Rager
probably the only barb that gets harder to hit while raging

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

Urban Barbarian/Indomitable Rager

probably the only barb that gets harder to hit while raging

Did you mean invulnerable rager?

1) Barbarian [Savage Technologist] ...one or two levels in any martial build, especially if you're going for a light-armored gun & sword TWF pirate concept. Also really good for archers with Adaptive bows. The Barbarian [Drunken Brute] archetype stacks with this.

2) Bloodrager [Id Rager/Urban] ...a more complicated, fine-tuney way of doing the Savage Technologist dex-raging stack, and possibly more beneficial if your GM really lets you get away with plundering phantom emotion abilities. (He probably shouldn't.)

3) Paladin and uRogue (one to four levels), especially if you're a halfling with Fey Foundling, Greater Mercy, and take the racial FCB for paladin.

4) Brawler (two levels) and fighter. --One of only a few ways to gain proficiency in a d6 18-20 threat light weapon, among a laundry-list of other useful goodies.

5) Cleric [Kurgess:Community/Travel], ...one level in any heavy-armor fighter concept that's forfeiting Armor Training (and hence otherwise moving very slowly).

6) Samurai [core, with Order of the Warrior taken at 2nd] ...two levels in any martial stack. --The defensive abilities granted by Resolve and Honor in All Things are amazing. You get a free horse and some nice item proficiencies.

7) Fighter[Unarmed] ...for a Style feat without prerequisites.

8) Monk[Sohei] ...so you can take Mounted Skirmisher as a sans prerequisites bonus feat at whenever level instead of waiting until BAB14.

9) Fighter[Dragoon] and Cavalier[Gendarme] ...add to any mounted concept not overly concerned with spellcasting.

10) Hunter [Primal Companion] ...added to the chassis stack of a Mammoth Rider half-orc wishing to share Amplified Rage.

doomman47 wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

Urban Barbarian/Indomitable Rager

probably the only barb that gets harder to hit while raging
Did you mean invulnerable rager?

>.< yes, that's the one

Gravewalker & Hex Channeler for an Evil Witch.

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Alchemist: beastmorph and vivisectionist for a melee-focused character; preservationist and reanimator for a non-standard necromancer (with Spell Focus (Necromancy), Planar Preservationist, and Skeleton Summoner: instant skeletons)

Druman Blackjacket + Trench Fighter + Martial Master

The closest you're going to get to a modern-day firearm-wielding soldier.

With the right teamwork feats you can turn an encounter into a meat-grinder. The Martial Master gives you a switchable combat feat for those close encounters where you might need Unarmed Strike (or other nasty combat feat combinations). Also, many teamwork feats are combat feats as well, so that's double the teamwork ability.

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Gun smuggler and underground chemist rogue fit together quite well.

Gendarme/Beast Rider

It is perfect if you want to just ride a terrifying beast into battle and crash through enemies. My choice of mount was an Aurochs just because of the imagery of a warrior riding a bull through a line of enemies.

Skald, Court Poet/Bachanal: There's just something great about drinking all day in order to be smarter and more likeable. It's not as potent as the Wyrmsinger Bachanal combo, but it is much sillier.

Slayer, Bounty Hunter/Cleaner: Perfect for kidnapping.

Witch, Ashifta/Taterdemalion: A rope and cloth themed witch veiled and dressed in rags who disappears most rounds and crumples into a pile of rags if pushed too far.

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Freebooter/ trapper ranger.

Hand out party wide buffs that stack with bards song and then be a sneaky person that lays traps down to dominate a battlefield.

It's a totally original and yet somehow perfect fit for the ranger. And absolutely perfect for Skull and Shackles.

Dark Archive

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Bard: Duettist + Sound Striker
Duettist gives you a familiar that can use your performances and sound striker gives you performances that deal damage. Yes, it will burn through performance rounds but you can output a lot of damage in a single round when needed. At level 8 you can do over 16d6 sonic damage for 6 rounds of performance. If only it stacked with thundercaller as well.

Sovereign Court

Let's see... I've done an Investigator (Sleuth/Mastermind) for an incredibly fun slippery Bunny Ears Lawyer-type information broker concept.

And I've made a Paladin (Empyreal Knight/Shining Knight) to make just the shiningest of knights in shining armour. She was a lot of fun, too, 'cause I was able to make her an almost over-the-top paragon of goodly goodness and still just be so adorable... No, the mechanics of those archetypes didn't contribute hugely to this, but with a class name like "Empyreal Shining Knight Paladin"... they kinda don't have to. (And yes, technically both of those archetypes "affect" Divine Bond, but one just requires that the mount version be taken and doesn't otherwise alter it, so I'd argue they're compatible.)

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Cleric [Crusader/Iron Priest], with a Nanite-infused Roc companion (having taken the Animal domain and the Technologist and Boon Companion feats). Choose Android for your race, and ride one of these into battle.

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Samurai Warrior Poet and Ward Speaker.
It's a new class XD

Experimental Gunslinger and Gun Scavenger. Not good, but thematic.

I'm kind of surprised that no one has mentioned voomblades yet.

That is, fighters that combine the gloomblade and venomblade archetypes. The combination is limited to nagaji fighters, since the venomblade archetype is restricted to nagaji, but you get a character with a rather interesting set of abilities.

Your nagaji fighter can conjure weapons out of pure shadow (weapons that are all enchanted already, so you can choose a weapon to fit an encounter), they can spit globs of venom that can blind enemies as a swift action, and they still get access to all of the fighter advanced weapon training goodies since neither archetype trades out that feature.

My last Freeport campaign had a PC with the skirmisher/urban ranger combo. The two archetypes didn't really react in any specific way with each other, but it did nicely shift the character to better cover for the lack of a rogue, while leaving spellcasting wholly up to the three full casters in the party.

I’m working on a new character at the moment inspired by the Musketeers TV series. He’s a gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger/Black Powder Vaulter) and uRogue (Scout/Underground Chemist), designed to run around the battlefield a lot tossing out close range damage. So far it hasn’t been field tested, but the concept works on paper....

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