Melee Summoner / Eidolon Flank Buddies "Tank"?


Currently working on a "Tank"ing character(s) for an upcoming Emerald Spire Super-Dungeon group, and was wondering if you guys might be able to give me some advice regarding this concept. I am still working on the kinks, but the general idea is going into Melee (possible Dip into Fighter for Proficiency's) and using Compel Hostility to help control the enemies aggro between be and my Eidolon.

Instead of only one Fighter who runs around with AoE tripping things, it'll be two slightly lower level Fighters running around with AoE tripping things. While looking at the concept, two really big archetypes caught my attention; the Twinned Summoner and the Storm Caller Summoner.

The Twinned Summoner seems like the obvious choice for this. It gains shared Teamwork Feats at level 4, giving feat options like Coordinated Makeovers and Tandem Trip, along with other teamwork options. Also, the Twinned Eidolon can pick up extra bonus feats by spending Evolution points, since it'll be using a weapon rather than Natural Attacks.

The Storm Caller is less obvious, and while it doesn't have the Teamwork Feats and shenanigans that the Twinned Summoner can pull off, it has Call Lightning which scales at 1d6 1st level and every 2 levels thereafter, and can "Ark" the lightning between him and his Eidolon as a Standard Action to strike everyone between them.

Any advice? Twinned Summoner or Storm Caller seem better for the "Tank"ing roll with the Summoner? Or should I just go with a more straight-forward "Tank"ing roll? If so, what other options would there be regarding this?

Silver Crusade

Wow! Both archetypes are pretty awesome. Hmm. Lightning bolts or Teamwork Feats. Tough call.

Speaking from experience, Tandem Trip is excellent in any situation where tripping is viable. Lightning bolts are pretty great, too.

I guess lightning bolts are slightly more effective, but that approach is also much riskier. You'll sometimes position your eidolon to deliver a lightning bolt and have to leave it very exposed. If you go the Lightning way consider 'I ready an actioon to zap when my eidolon reaches that square', thus allowing your eidolon to keep moving to a safer position.

I would say go teamwork feats once you have 2 that have them, other party members will join in, especially for things like save bonuses.

I think that going Twinned will give me the better combat control in the long run, as it opens more flexibility to my build and available options to what I want to be doing (although... Shooting "LIGHTNINGBOLT!"s at people would be fun...).

Anyway, this is what I've got so far:

Me-Zha and Nu-Zha (Placeholder Names)

Me-Zha - Twinned Summoner
> Race: Ifrit (Sunsoul | +2 Str, +2 Cha, -2 Wis)

Level 12 Preview:
Strength: 18 || Dexterity: 14 || Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 10 || Wisdom: 10 || Charisma: 16

> Alternate Racial: Efreeti Magic (Replaces Spell-like Ability)
> Alternate Racial: Mostly Human (Alters Racial Types)
> Alternate Racial: Wildfire Heart (Replaces Energy Resistance)
> Alternate Racial: Fire Insight (Replaces Solar Affinity)

> Trait: Reactionary
> Trait: Loyalty across Lifetimes

> Level 4 Bonus: +1 Charisma
> Level 8 Bonus: +1 Strength
> Level 12 Bonus: +1 Strength

> Level 1 Feat: Combat Reflexes
> Level 3 Feat: Dirty Fighting
> Level 4 Feat: Paired Opportunist
> Level 5 Feat: Toughness
> Level 5 Feat: Improved Share Spell (Shared Feat from Eidolon)
> Level 7 Feat: Outflank
> Level 9 Feat: Broken Wing Gambit
> Level 11 Feat: Tandem Trip
> Level 12 Feat: Harder They Fall

Nu-Zha - Twinned Eidolon
> Race: Biped Eidolon (Twinned Subtype)

Level 12 Preview:
Strength: 22 || Dexterity: 19 || Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 7 || Wisdom: 10 || Charisma: 11

Hit Dice: 9 (d10; +9/+4 Base Attack Bonus)

> Level 5 Bonus: +1 Strength
> Level 10 Bonus: +1 Constitution

> Evolution Base: Skilled (Disguise)
> Evolution Base: Weapon Proficiency (All Simple)
> Evolution Base: Shared Slot (Level 8)
> Evolution Base: Extra Feat (Level 12)
> Evolution Base: 5/Magic DR (Level 12)
> Evolution (2p): Extra Feat
> Evolution (1p): Shared Evolution
> Evolution (2p): Extra Feat (Given to Summoner)
> Evolution (2p): Ability Score Increase +2 Dex
> Evolution (2p): Ability Score Increase +2 Con

> Level 1 Feat: Toughness
> Level 2 Feat: Combat Reflexes
> Level 3 Feat: Dirty Fighting
> Level 6 Feat: Power Attack
> Level 9 Feat: Improved Trip
> Level 11 Feat: Improved Reflex

So, the basic idea is that they're going to be battlefield control and stick together as much as possible - only separating if they need to have a larger AoE presence on the battlefield. They'll both be using the long-spear to poke people.

Being an Ifrit, I can Enlarge myself once-per-day and my Twinned Eidolon gains the ability to cast a Summoner Spell 1/Day (We will both be Enlarging during the boss fights for extra threat). Once I hit level 5 (and get touched by my Eidolon for the Extra Feat evolution), I'll be able to use Improved Spell Share to split my first level spells between us, making Enlarge person more common.

I haven't put up items on the build yet - because I don't know the budget or which slots will be given to which or even which slot will be the "Shared Slot".

What do you guys think?

Hm... I guess I'll try something else, something more "Standard" then.

I was actually a fan of the Storm Caller option. Mostly because the Agathion subtype can be used and it gets Lay On Hands at level 8, helping offset that riskiness factor of positioning it for optimum zappage. Quadruped + pounce + lightning arc = tasty

Don't worry about being too out there or sticking to more "standard" options. It really doesn't matter unless you are playing in overly optimized games.

The eidolon has a lot more support for being good at grappling than being good at tripping.

Any tips on a grapple focused Eidolon that grabs the foe(s) and positions them for a good zapping?

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