Modifiers to hit size tiny?

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I did not see any modifiers to hit size tiny creatures.

Or anything of the like. Are all creature sizes the same difficulty to hit in Starfinder?

Thank you.

There are no size modifiers for creatures in starfinder.

Small, medium, and large player races have no size modifiers to AC. Creatures' AC is based on the NPC creation rules, which assume things in pathfinder like natural armor and size modifiers are all rolled into a final AC.

The only size modifier I remember is for the AC to hit unattended objects.

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Of course, a creature being unusually large or unusually small would be a good excuse for the GM to give it a special bonus/penalty to its AC, if they wish.

So does that mean that my tiny 18" hover drone is as easy to hit at a ranged distance of 90' as a gargantuan dragon at a ranged distance of 90' ???

Somehow that doesn't seem right.

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It just so happens that Dragon scales are exactly tough enough to compensate for the scaly beast's size, AC wise.
While on the other hand, your tiny drone is made of materials lightweight enough to allow flight, which makes its construction precisely flimsy enough to take away the benefits of its size.

In other words, there's no size modifiers in SF, and you can justify it however you want.
It's not exactly uncommon, many games choose to ignore broad size modifiers, adapting each creature as needed. If a beast is supposed to be hard to hit, boost its AC. Whether it's because or size, toughness or otherwise.

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Turns out all those adventurers wandering around with guns in centuries past worked as a highly effective evolutionary pressure. Larger species either evolved hides that could turn bullets and lasers or they went extinct. Dragons in particular were quite grouchy about it.

Remember that AC is general difficulty to deal damage to, either by size or my armor toughness.

So your tiny drone being as hard to actually land a blow on vs hitting a small weak spot in the 90' gargantuan dragon is how the game is indeed supposed to happen.

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