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Fusions seem like a neat idea until you realize, that you player can make any fusion for zero credits that they have ranks in skill for....

they have no value, until you go install on in a weapon, which costs the amount listed on the chart and 1/2 the amount of the highest level item when transferring. so a smart character gets lets say a holy fusion installed on a level 2 weapon for 360, then pays 1/2 of 3,580, so another 1,790, 2150 total and 10 min of tinkering to transfer to the actual weapon they wanted it on....

seals actually seem to have a set price, of 110% max item value, same fusion but as holy fusion (10th) cost 3,938 and can be put on a level 2 - 10 weapon, and can just be pealed off and slapped on new one, 24 hours later starts working.

i feel like i am missing something or getting something wrong?

The advantage of a Fusion Seal is that it only takes 1/10th the amount of time to transfer over and doesn't require training in Mysticism. And of course it's a one-time payment no matter how many weapons you put it on. Sure buying a fusion on a level 2 weapon then paying to bump it up to level 10 does save you roughly 40% on that level 10 seal (not counting the value of the level 2 weapon.) That however only works for a new fusion you're just now getting. If you first got that fusion at level 2 and have been upgrading it every 2 levels to keep up with progression however, you've paid 4160 credits so far, roughly 116% the value, to get it onto that same level 10 weapon, a bit more of the value it would take to just have a Fusion Seal to get you to level 10, and until you get past 14 or maybe 15 that every-other-level upgrade stays around the same cost as a seal of that level, basically making a fusion seal act as a stand in for lump-summing a fusion you intend to use throughout your entire career (though unfortunately such a thing is only available as loot, as you can't actually afford such a seal even if item level restrictions weren't a thing, and if you got one as loot you would probably break WBL to pieces even with 10% sellback. The sell value of a level 14 Seal is worth more than a level 6 fusion after all.) Of course, once you get to level 16+ (maybe 15+, I've been running Even levels) though the cumulative cost of the fusion you've been upgrading your entire career is actually less than the cost of a fusion purchased directly to a level appropriate weapon, just the joys of high-level play I guess.

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