[Spheres of Might] Best pet ever? Scholar.

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Scholar Stuff:
Animal Training Small.
You get a familiar, but it doesn't get share spells, deliver touch spells, or scry on familiar. However you may trade these out with archetypes as if you had them.

Animal Training Large.
Your familiar becomes an animal companion, keeping any special abilities and the Int boost from being a familiar.

Experimental Evolution
Any pet under your control gains 1 + 1 per 4 class levels of evolution points like a Summoner's Eidolon.

Genetic Modification
Gain the Evolved Familiar and Improved Familiar, even if you don't qualify. If you have animal training large, subtract the Improved Familiar's CR from the AC then start adding AC adjustments after.

I was wondering which of these (or another option that I didn't think of) would be the most useful, as it seems the Scholar with this many Scholar Knacks devoted to pets. Also what would a scholar build look like? I assume mainly going into the Beastmastery sphere.

-An Animal Companion with the Mauler Archetype. You'd want an AC that ended up Medium size or forgo the increase to Large Size for an AC and just gain some stats. This would be a heavy hitter but wouldn't do much more.

-An Animal Companion with the Sage Archetype. With the Animal Companion getting an actual hit die, the sage archetype gives it a huge amount of skill points along with the Scholar's 8+int means you cover all the skills yourself while being a normal animal companion.

-An Animal Companion with the Decoy Archetype. A more roleplay heavy animal companion, but could be fun.

-Improved Familiar with Animal Companion bonuses and a possible archetype (mauler) for brokenness. Something like the Inevitable, Arbiter would probably be best with a weapon.

Silver Crusade

I'll make no claims of 'best', but here's one verified highly effective pet approach.

Paizo Employee Organized Play Developer

I think the most I leaned into that while working on the scholar was a roc companion used as a mount so the scholar could fly around issuing orders to a flock of birds she trained with Beastmastery and had using the Drop trick to rain alchemical death around the battlefield. I was really trying to break and abuse things with that character to stress test the system though.

Shadow Lodge

I'm not seeing anything stat stops you from having an Animal Companion Archetype either. Add Draconic for a "half=dragon" companion.

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