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Liberty's Edge

Will there every be modules put out for Starfinder(other than a SFS scenario)?

Considering the module line for pathfinder was scrapped I kind of doubt it.

I'd pick them up if they came out, especially since it's really easy to adjust monster CR to match your player's current level and drop a module into most any point of a campaign. However, I'm not sure they would sell well enough to offset the costs involved.

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This makes me sad, I always enjoyed the modules.

Sovereign Court

Wait, when did the module line get scrapped?

Also, yeah, Starfinder would be excellent for modules.

I appear to be under a mistaken impression that the modules had mostly stopped after emerald spire. My apologies.

I would love to see starfinder modules.

Starfinder Superscriber

+1. There's a lot of potential in the "Planet-of-the-week" format.

Liberty's Edge

Seems there may be a niche for a 3PP to put out some PDF modules to test the waters.

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I would love to see one that deals with a "ghost ship." One where you can really play up the horror like Cries from the Drift. Or something to do with space pirates could be a blast too!

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