Interest check: Fangwood Keep - Pathfinder module for a group of 4th level PC's


Hello there, heroes of Golarion

I find myself with a rekindled interest in PbP's after joining a new game and having one of my old games reactivate. And since I have time to spare and plenty of unused modules and AP's sitting on my bookshelves, I'm considering taking another stab at running a PbP Pathfinder game.

Rather than commit to a the multi-year effort of running a full AP, I'll start off lighter, with one of the shorter modules.

After looking over my collection, I've selected Fangwood Keep as a good candidate. This is a relatively compact module with a good mix between infiltration, roleplay and combat. Someone has even been nice enough to produce and share VTT-maps of the main location, which makes my job as GM much easier.

The premise of the module is for the PC's to infiltrate a keep on the border between Nirmanthas and Molthune. The PC's can be hired for this job by either nation.

About me:
- I'm an experienced Pathfinder player, with multiple long-running PbP-games under my belt.
- I've previously run the Module Realm of the Fellnigh Queen to full completion as a PbP game. Feel free to check it out as an example of my GM style (maps links have unfortunately expired).
- I'm a RPG Superstar veteran and even have a few 3PP design credits to my name. I like to incorporate custom content in the published modules I run.

What I would like from you:
- An expression of interest in participating as a player
- Whether you would prefer the game to begin in Nirmanthas, Molthune or don't care.
- A brief outline of what kind of character you might consider running. No need to post a fully fleshed out PC, complete with backstory and statblock. Just a few lines about your general concept and role in the party.

In case of sufficient interest, I'll post a seperate recruitment thread in a couple of days. Thanks in advance.

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Interest expressed. No opinion. Concept forthcoming. :)

Lord oKOyA wrote:
Interest expressed. No opinion. Concept forthcoming. :)

Ellioti wrote:
Lord oKOyA wrote:
Interest expressed. No opinion. Concept forthcoming. :)

I'm interested. No opinion on which side to work for. My general idea is a probably-human oracle or shaman healer/probably buffer? Plan would be to use life-link to keep others alive and then focus on being able to heal self a lot. Leaning a little towards shaman since I haven't played once before.

I'm also fine with either side. Molthune seems more like organized army, while Nirmathas is more like guerilla forces, so that would probably shape what I'd build.

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would mounted characters find this module limiting?

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rorek55 wrote:
would mounted characters find this module limiting?

I would think so yes.

rorek55 wrote:
would mounted characters find this module limiting?

Correct. Once you reach the keep (which happens fairly quickly), most mounts will be irellevant at best and a liability at worst. It’s hard to sneak a warhorse over a wall. A small character mounted on a dog or similar might work, but would still find most areas too cramped to make proper use of all abilities.

I would like to join the party. I'm currently a level 1 elven Nature Fang archer druid, but can quickly be adjusted to lvl 4. I'd be a Fangwood inhabitant for many generations.

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Expressing Interest

I am not preferential to the start location.

I'm happy to build a character to fill gaps (in both party comp and personality).


Looks there’s enough interest to justify an actual recruitment thread. Excellent.

I’ll keep this thread going for now, while I work out the details and submission requirements. May even whip up some custom traits. Stay tuned. I’ll post the link to the recruitment here, hopefully in time for the weekend.

I'm interested!

No opinion of who we're being paid by.

As for concept I was thinking a brawler, maybe even a shield thrower.

Hooray, glad to hear this will launch!

I'm leaning toward building a pacifist cleric (something I'd never do for a full-on AP, but seems fun here). Someone who is sickened by the constant war between Nirmathas and Molthune and swears a godly oath of non-violence, and yet serves in the military anyway, either because he is drafted or feels some calling to do so. Think Hacksaw Ridge, if you've seen that movie.

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May have an idea that could work, if time permits to pull it together.

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I'm thinking a half-orc rogue 3 /sorcerer 1 at the moment.

Expressing interest as well.
I'll think of something I'd like to submit.

Don't care what side we start on.

Dot for a huge interest check. I have always loved making gg melee characters with exotic fighting styles and strengths- id probably apply a Dex based Samurai character- Ditching the horse combat in favor of a grounded melee build, and I'd actually like to create my own order- using other orders as a template of course- or possibly follow the order of the songbird

Very interested as well. Have done a good bit of pbp a number of years ago and would like to get back, and this sounds like a great combo of a good fit and a very interesting adventure

Hope to get the recruitment up and running later today. Still considering some custom traits to help with character backgrounds. Will run a party of max 5, otherwise most combats will get cramped.

Stay tuned - this will be awesome.

Interested. Probably either a shifter or a wizard

I too am interested.

Perhaps a first, I have a preference for side. Nirmathas has essentially a guerilla army which sounds more fun to be part of than a regular army.

Character- well I have a few ideas. One is a witch, either Werebat Kin Shapechanger or Ratfolk. A fairly typical generalist witch who buffs the party, debuffs the enemy and maintains it all with cackle.

I want to try an Oracle, likely a dual cursed Halfling with the time mystery.

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I'm interested, and that's an impressive array of players who are interested as well!

Sadly I'll have to withdraw. As much as I want to, I just had to set aside one of my other games because of my college schedule.

As promised, I've crafted some custom traits for this game. Took me a bit longer than anticipated, but here you go. Please include one of them as part of your character creation and use them to shape your background.

I'll post the formal requirements for submission and character creation later.

Fangwood Keep traits:

Chernasardo woodsman - You hail from the Chernasardo region in Nirmahtas, renowned for it’s rangers. You are proficient with longbows and either Survival or Stealth is always a class skill for you.

Fangwood fey-friend - You have spent some time dealing with the numerous fey who inhabit the Fangwood. You speak sylvan as a bonus language and gain a +1 trait bonus to Will saves vs spells and spell-like abilities used by fey.

Crystalhurst’s gratitude - You have assisted the druids of Crystalhurst in their work with researching a cure for the Darkblight affecting the Fangwood. In return, the druids have taught you a small portion of their skills. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Survival, and one is always a class skill for you. In addition, you gain the ability to cast feather step as a spell-like ability 1/day.

Fort Ramsgate remembered - You lost a close friend or loved one when hobgoblin mercenaries decimated Nirmathi forces and non-combatants alike at the Fort Ramsgate Massacre. This has left you with a deep distrust of hobgoblins. You gain a +2 trait bonus to Initiative checks when hobgoblins or other goblinoid creatures are present and that you are aware of. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus to Intimidate and Sense Motive but take a -2 penalty to Diplomacy when dealing with hobgoblins.

Foxclaw Saboteur - As part of the band of warriors knows as the Foxclaws, you have operated in the far south, disrupting caravans from Molthune and seizing their supplies. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Disable Device and Stealth, and one is always a class skill for you. In addition, you gain a +2 trait bonus to initiative and are never considered flatfooted in encounters with member of the Molthune military.

Soyvrian Scholar - You are an avid student of all things relating to the elves of Golarion and in particular to their struggle against the demon Treerazor for possession of the Soyvrian Stone. Choose two of the following skills: Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (planes), or Spellcraft. You gain a +1 trait bonus with those skills. If you cast arcane spells, pick a spell on your spell list from the conjuration or abjuration school. You are particularly adept at casting that spell, so it functions at +1 caster level and the save DCs (if any) gain a +1 bonus.

How du you feel about evil character? I'm thinking about a Lawful Evil kineticist with the Blighted Defiler archetype, not an evil person going by morality and personality, but she used her powers a bit to often

Yokaiboy wrote:
How du you feel about evil character? I'm thinking about a Lawful Evil kineticist with the Blighted Defiler archetype, not an evil person going by morality and personality, but she used her powers a bit to often

Not that keen, to be honest. And to make matters worse, I prefer PC’s that stick as close to the core classes as possible. I’m not ruling anything out and this module does allow for more varied characters than classic clean-cut do-gooders, but the concept you’re describing would have a hard time getting picked over more traditional submissions. Sorry.


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