Any pathfinder class like the warlock?

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DND 3.5 had a class called the Warlock. It was a class that could use a small list of magic powers at will, and had a signature ability known as eldritch blast, which was a ranged attack power. In many ways, it was a spellcasting class without the restriction of spell slots. I'm wondering if there is any pathfinder class kind of like it.

There is the warlock archetype for vigilante. It's pretty close. The only other class that comes to mind is the Witch class. They don't get the arcane blast, but they do get hexes which are similar to the powers warlocks got.

Thematically, they're pretty similar too :p

There's also Kineticists, who get at-will energy blasts.

Matthew Downie wrote:
There's also Kineticists, who get at-will energy blasts.

A lot of Warlock fans hate the Kineticist since it is a different sort of flavor (literally "pushing your body to the max for power, which is tiring and can hurt you" instead of pact magic). But mechanically it is the most similar.

I guess thematically the witch is the most similar, but the "witch with kinetic blast" archetype is not good.

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Just reflavor the Burn mechanic. Instead of damage from pushing yourself too much, it becomes damage inflicted by your patron for access to more powers, casting from life.

The Vigilante Warlock's bolts are a bunch of tiny elemental attacks, rather than a single bigger untyped blast. It also gets actual spellcasting, which is probably a better thing to focus on. Still, there are similarities.

Kineticist has the at-will bigger blast thing, if elemental, with para-magicals powers on top rather than real casting, but uses its life as fuel for it.
Still, you can get classics like at-will flight, invisibility ... Old school warlock stuff.
Probably closer, but an entirely different flavor. And yeah, make sure you read carefully. Burn has tripped people before.

Witch has the pact flavor, but not much else.

And there are of course a number archetypes to mix all this - The Havoker witch mentioned above for one, although still mainly a witch - or fairly similar things. Like, Calamity Caller Warpriest has a very different take on the at-will blast.

If you really want a warlock I know several people have tried to houserule a conversion. No idea what they're worth, but maybe look in the homebrew forum ?
I'm just speculating, but it feels like a unique enough class that it probably does not need much to fit in PF ?

I'm going to throw an odd one out here, but the Sylvan trickter could sub in as an odd warock replacement. You focus on grabbing up hexes and using those while not being so bad off armor and weapon wise as the witch.

If your game accepts third-party content, the Thaumaturge makes agreements for forbidden knowledge (and the system it's from, Spheres of Power, gives you immense flexibility when it comes to determining exactly what kind of source is giving you the power). Spheres also has many options for 'all day' powers (with a daily resource pool for the strong stuff), and you may find this a pretty good substitute if you want a Warlock-style character in PF.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll be certain to check them out.

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Actually in my opinion I always thought the Alchemist was the closest thing to a Warlock with the Bombs being the equivalent of the Arcane blast , and their discoveries being all the other weirdness that the warlock got.
Thematically about the most different two classes possible, but mechanically very similar.

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Not really, alchemists run out of bombs. Warlocks don't. I'm going to suggest kineticist again, with the feat for choosing certain spells as wild talents.

Edit: the feat is Kinetic Invocation, from Psychic Anthology

Val'bryn2 wrote:
Just reflavor the Burn mechanic. Instead of damage from pushing yourself too much, it becomes damage inflicted by your patron for access to more powers, casting from life.

The main issue is that the Burn damage cannot be healed by any means other than resting, and it's non-lethal damage. Even during playtests, the devs hammered in that the Burn mecanic would not change.

Still, Burning is only in effect if you want to boost your blasts, and there are ways to reduce the Burn cost.

The other problem that "fans" have with the Kineticist is that it pales compared to spellcasters... Yeah, because "limited ammo" is surely better -_-;

The Kineticist is the closest thing we'll get to the Warlock.

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Could go Overwhelming Soul, which doesn't allow burn, but you can't boost powers as much, and makes utility talents a little more difficult to use.

I mean, the real issue with burn is not so much that it is a different mechanic to limit how much you can "nova" in a given day. If that's all it was, it would be fine.

Problem with burn is that the class heavily incentivizes walking around with it via elemental overflow. Since you only attack once per round, everything that boosts accuracy is important. So while some types of kineticist can invest an appropriate amount of burn in their defensive talent and come out ahead, this puts an uncomfortable tension on elements with weak defensive talents.

But all classes have their own uneasy internal tensions, it's just a question of which ones work for you and which ones don't.

As another posibility, there's also the Pact Wizard archetype (the Haunted Heroes version, not the one from Familiar Folio which is a completely different archetype), which frankly seems to be a better match for flavor than the witch.

The 3.5 warlock was not 100% a pact magic thing, iirc. More of an innate thing, in fact, I believe. That changed later. Or I am badly misremembering this.

More to the point, OP seems to be looking for the mechanics, rather than the flavor.
And while there are a bunch of ways to do something similar flavor-wise - no matter the version of the warlock, even - there is no straight equivalent in 1st party PF.
Kineticist is the closest we got, and it does a pretty good job.
I expect 3rd party and the homebrew section have more, but I can't speak for it.

Yes. I'm looking for mechanics, not flavor. Sorry if this was a problem.

I'm looking for a class that doesn't run out of spells per day, or at least able to last longer. The DND 3.5 Warlock did this. I would also like it if the spells were innate.

One of the characters I want to create is a gestalt of a Warlock and Sorcerer. A character who can blast opponents with eldritch blast while saving spells for good tactical opportunities. The plan is to have both classes would have their power come from the same innate source.

That would be a multiclass kineticist + Sorcerer. Kineticists get spell like abilities they can use throughout the day, meanwhile you can save your spells for big moments.

If you were willing to go for an Ephemeral Sorcerer to gain Wisdom as your casting stat you could grab the Psycho-kineticist and use Elemental Overflow to boost your Wisdom to improve the DCs of your Sorcerer spells while giving you a Divine feel.

Otherwise, Overwhelming Soul will let you go the Charisma route.

Closest thing would probably be a sorcerer if you also gave them unlimited battering blasts as a supernatural ability.

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Perhaps an archetype of the sorcerer that gave them a basic kinetic blast in exchange for the bloodline?

Or check this out

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Sorry, don't know how to make a link.

The code is url= with [] around it and the link directly after the = and then /url with [] around it after the text you want the link to say.

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