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Hello all!

My group and I have had an unfortunate steak of bad luck with GMs for our Rise of the Runelords campaign, over the holiday break our most recent GM disappeared. We're currently partway through Book 1, about to begin our assault on a goblin island base (and also rescue/recuit a replacement character in the process).

It's a great group with a lot of excellent role-playing, and we'd like to keep the campaign going--would anyone be interested in taking up GMing with us? Several people in the group also GM other campaigns on the board so I think it should be doable to swap a game for a game!

Our most recent GM had a few house-rules on economics & item prices, if you don't want to use those we'll need to do some minor rebuilding for our characters but it shouldn't be a major issue.

I haven't done a GM recruitment post before so please ask questions if I missed something!

Here is the link to the Campaign Page for your perusal!

Our current party makeup:
1. Floredana Mandelescu, undine Cleric of Densa
2. Colvyn "Slick" Dashtail, Trapper & Warpriest of Erastil
3. Rig Veda, ifrit Arcane-Duelist
4. Kellek Zaderan, newcomer Exploiter-Wizard
5. Brother Guiness, our not-yet-rescued dwarf Fighter
6. Finally, the incredibly handsome and highly competent Kargas Stormscar, half-orc Bloodrager [Air Bloodline]

Hi Kargas. Sorry to hear that you lost Peet. Back in November he was playing in a Starfinder Society game I was running and he vanished from there as well.

I've had a skim through your campaign and the ancillary house rules documents. I really like what I saw in terms of good RP and good posting. For a while I've been intending to try a run of Rise of the Runelords in PbP, so I may be able to pick up your orphan game and help you onwards. I can commit to at least bring you through to the end of Book 1, after which the group can evaluate if they want to continue and/or if they want a different GM.

About Me:
I primarily play and GM Starfinder in PbP on the boards, but have been running Pathfinder (both Homebrew and APs) in home games for years. If you'd like to see an example of my PbP GMing style, check out the Starfinder Dead Suns game I took over GMing mid last year. Other things about me:
  • I update at a minimum rate of 1 post/day with consistency, increasing that rate at times where players are highly active.
  • I post from the EST time zone.
  • I'm fairly strict on enforcing rules, and I expect players to have a good understanding of the rules and how their characters work.
  • My games are relatively challenging, but I rule in favor of PCs more often than not. Said another way: while I won't pull punches in combat, I'm not an adverserial-type GM that is twisting things in an attempt to kill the party.
  • I'm happier with a group that's willing to engage deeper with the narrative, over just bantering and bashing the enemies as they come. The more effort you put into the game, the more I will make adjustments to the AP to accommodate your roleplay.
  • In comparison to the way Peet GM'd, my games are more player driven, ie. I'll rarely push the party along or offer options of what you could do next, leaving that up to you all to decide.

  • My Expectations:
    As a player, I know the GM engagement level is critical in PbP to keep a game rolling along and keep things fun. As a result, I always give 100% to the games I run. I expect players to put in a lot of energy and activity into a game as well. Good activity and engagement keeps me going and keeps the game going. As a result:
  • Players should post a minimum 1/day. Your game (disregarding the last two months) currently averages a little under half a post per person per day. To be fair, a lot of that is because your previous GM didn't post every day. But if I'm going to pick this game up, I would need a commitment from each player to keep a good quick pace.
  • Players should keep their stat line up to date and keep track of their own buffs/debuffs as well as possible.
  • Players are in charge of managing their own loot distribution and logging.
  • I expect everyone to play nice with each other in character and handle out of character disagreements out of character.
  • I expect players to have botting spoilers in their profiles and to keep everyone informed if they're going to disappear for multiple days.

  • House Rules?:
    The house rules in your current game appear to be extensive. If I pick the game up, I would like strip all those rules away and run close to 'vanilla' Pathfinder. This includes the setting adjustments. I may want to do a loot reset of some kind, as Peet's magic item house rules changed availability.

    If you think I'd be a good fit, and if you can meet what I have in the Expectations spoiler above, let me know.

    Thanks for responding so quickly, GM Cellion!


    Speaking for myself, I would love it if the game picked up drastically, PBP games tend to bog down if they aren't clipping along.

    However, I have one (temporary) caveat: I recently changed jobs and have an hourlong commute each way, which eats into my posting time a great deal. After March 10 I'll have moved, and that drive time will drop to 10min instead of ~60min. Until that happens about 1 post per day in the evening CST is probably the best I can manage. After 3/10 I should be able to do multiple posts per day!

    House Rules:

    I am perfectly fine doing some rebuilding with the house rules stripped out, and would actually prefer it because I tended to forget to apply the House Rules on the regular.

    I think many of us often forgot about the house rules from time to time anyway

    Kargas Stormscar wrote:
    Thanks for responding so quickly, GM Cellion!

    Sounds like it shouldn't be a problem. I'll let you and your group work out if you'd like me to take over.

    Hello again Cellion!

    So Kellek and Colvyn (ranger/warpriest of Erastil) have also chimed in to say they're in. We agree with all your expectations and just need to figure out what's necessary for the rebuilds.

    Welcome to the adventure!

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