Mindwyrm Mesmerist


I have a new campaign coming up in a few weeks, I am currently working on a Level 5 Kobold Mindwyrm Mesmerist.

9 Str / 10 Dex / 13 Con / 17 Int / 16 Wis / 19 Cha (Hurrah! rolling)

I can't seem to decide on any feats for the Mindwyrm being as all the Gaze Feats don't work for me anymore. The only feat I have is the Kobold feat Kobold Confidence.

I was considering Variant Multiclassing, Mesmers don't seem very feat heavy but none of the variants really appealed to me other than Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline, and with my strength it just doesnt seem like it would do much/anything other than add flavor.

For traits the only ones I could find that seemed particularly interesting were Survivor and Reactionary

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The things you're likely to do in combat with this kobold are casting spells, using mesmerist tricks, the unfortunately weak breath weapon, and maybe intimidate to demoralize. Right? Stabbing or shooting people just isn't a useful option here.

By way of boosting spells you might like some light metamagic (Persistent spell, tumultuous spell or blissful spell?) and maybe a trait to reduce the cost on your favourite attack spell. There are feats to boost mesmerist tricks if you like. Dazzling display and further feats could boost intimidate. And there is one stare feat which depends only on bold stares, not painful stare - obliviating stare.

If I were making this character I'd grab one metamagic feat (probably persistent spell with a trait making it better with color spray), one kobold racial feat like kobold confidence, and that obliviating stare feat but YMMV.

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