What were some of your favorite moments during a campaign?

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Anyone who plays table top rpgs knows that there can be some momenta in game that are quite memorable, beating a hard boss, finding the best loot, or some moments that are just down right hillarious. We all have moments like this in our campaign and we all have ones that ar our favorite. Which is yours?

Mine was one day one of our characters had decided that that day he was going to find a hidden door. So throughout or day of INVESTIGATING HORRIFIC MURDERS our lovable mascot character searched everyone room for a secret door. As the session went on we ended up in a insanitorium, and we were in the last room we hadnt checked and almost ready to gibe up, the character made perception check and rolled a natutal 20. Which was the only number he could have rolled to notice the, you guessed, it secret door
He had spent the entire session joking around searching every f+%$ing room for a secret door and in the last place to look he rolled the only number he could rolled to find the only secret door that we were to encounter that day. IT.WAS.GLORIOUS.

ROTRL Spoilers:
In our ROTRL campaign, one of our PCs ended up sleeping with rich Magnimarian noble playboy Aldern Foxglove in an act of adultery during the very first session. Almost at the end of book 2 we got stuck in a room with the ghost of Aldern's deceased wife who was enraged and distraught that her husband cheated on her. The ghost sought out this same PC as a female presence to confide in and to receive comfort from. There she was. Gunslinger, shoulder to cry on,...homewrecker. Patting the back of the sobbing ghost as she exchanged awkward eyes to the rest of us. It felt so awkwardly realistic, but it was great.

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Kingmaker Book 6 Spoilers:
My character was a Paladin and the king of our country. Our GM added a twist to Book 6 to give us even more of a reason to go after Nyrissa. She kidnapped my Paladin King's wife, who was pregnant with their second child (NPCs). Angry and driven, the party fought tooth and nail to get to Nyrissa. When we finally reached Nyrissa's chambers, we found a room with empty space (with zero gravity), and a few large island stones with gravity that we had to skip across to get to the Fey Queen, she stood next to my character's wife, who, by this time had given birth to a son who was in my queen's arms. Nyrissa was threatening to kill her and my infant child if we attacked her.

Here was the dilemma, how do we stop Nyrissa AND save my family?

It would take at least two rounds to reach Nyrissa and smite the living snot out of her. We rolled initiative, and I landed somewhere in the middle, but before Nyrissa would take a turn. The other players used their turns to try to get as close to her in this strange environment. I looked over my sheet while the others took their turn, trying to formulate a plan, and I saw it: my answer.

I sat there with a smile on my face until my turn came around. When I play a Paladin, I often have a few spells I like to use and just keep those prepared, but I had never played with a high enough level to have access to 4th level spells. I had prepared one, never used it, and never swapped it out. When our GM said it was my turn, I told her that I cast King's Castle. Nyrissa and my wife and son were just within the reach of the spell. Our GM's face dropped as I explained what the spell was and how it worked. I then swapped places with my wife, who placed next to the other two party members were who had not yet taken a turn, putting me withing striking range of the Fey Queen. I then smote Nyrissa and commanded the party to see to my wife's safety (which they did) and ended my turn. Nyrissa moved away from me using magic before I could hit her, but her barging chip was gone. On my next turn I got close again and started to wail on her with my +4 Fey Bane great sword. She didn't live too long after that.

It was awesome, and one of my favorite moments.

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This one.

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This one was and probably always will be my favorite moment in a game I've run.

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Hmm, so many great moments to pick from. One from each of my favorite PbP!

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During our Skulls & Shackles campaign...

As the wizard of the group, I was trying to catch up to the group that was chasing someone with information. An alchemist that was throwing bombs behind her as she ran. We were doing this before the Big Race.

I figured to catch up, I would take a shortcut through a door, but since I don't have time to stop I did to bum rush it with my ability strength score of -1, I didn't have much hopes. Then I crit 20'd it.

As everyone found a staircase to continue the chase, I bashed through a door that made me fall downward into the furnace room. Where we found notes that we were seeking.

As I found myself in the basement I figured I could use my scroll of Dimension Door, and teleport up a few floors to catch up. After using the scroll found myself on like the 3rd floor, and there was a large cat with snakes coming out of its back, a few feet away from me.

After a small wild goose chase, it bite my guy with poison, and made him fall asleep. I had managed to find a door while prone, and no way to escape. So I used Storm Step to go through the door, and away from the Cat.

I had found staircase they had used, and they were just returning from capturing the target. I crawled out of there warning them of the cat, and asking for help, then I succumb to poison.

As everyone was battling the cat, my character repeatedly failed constitution checks, and died.

Being a Sylph previously, and the group being pirates. They saw resurrecting me fully was too expensive. So, they found a Druid that would do it for cheaper amount with a reincarnation.

As my character woke up, he found himself as a Nagaji.

Oh man, so many, across 3.5 and Pathfinder.

The time my sorcerer flung a crit Orb of Force at a Kraken and blew one of its eyes out.

The time that same sorcerer crit-failed an Orb of Force against a sentient temple he was standing on. Cue Orb of Force slamming into a table a mile away and obliterating little Timmy's birthday cake.

My Paladin of our current campaign lost his entire town to one of the big bad's generals. Later said general literally disintegrated my paladin's arm in some of the best role play I had in a long time. One magic metal arm later, I channeled G-Gundam with a final Radiant Charge imbued "Shining Justice" that put that dick down for good.

(Since this is in the Pathfinder forum, I'll limit my answer to that game. But man, the tales I could tell you about my Buffy/Angel characters...)

My wife and I have been running games for our two kids for several years now (they're early teens now). In an early 1st-level Pathfinder adventure, my son's sorceress ended up being the last PC standing against a goblin fighter/rogue. These two had a running battle through the goblins' hideout as the sorceress narrowly dodged attack after attack from the leader, while casting acid splash over and over again. Her amazing luck held out long enough to plink the leader to death without getting hit once in return (which could have been instantly fatal). It turned an imminent TPK into a resounding victory. It was his proudest gaming moment up to that point.

I got a couple. Long ago in the age of second edition, I ran some modules linked together to form a campaign. While negotiating the end phase of the third level area, the entire group of 8 PCs had been depleted to less than 10 hit points each after a tough battle with some unfriendly clerics. Every PC was hurt, but they had just cleared what they thought was a dead end room. Shortly after the main antagonist comes through the secret door they had not had a chance to even look for yet. Low on every resource they had, the group watched helplessly as the Naga began casting a single fireball that would catch them all in its effect, almost certainly a TPK. The party fighter was the only one that had initiative before the spell completed and made a last gasp attack. She rolled a 20 and I turned to the crit chart we were using from Dragon magazine. Her percentage roll was a 97 I believe which stated: cut off head, instant death. One failed saving throw later and the party was done with the adventure, saved by a lowly fighter.

At another time, the party rogue had found himself split away from the group and alone in the dungeon. He was walking down a lone hallway with a door at the end, when suddenly, he received his one and only warning he should not even had: the soles of your boots have tarted to sizzle and burn, what do you do? His answer, quite logically, was to run at the door at the end of the hall and supposed safety. Unfortunately for him, the door was a fake and did not even open. The floor of the hall was covered in green slime, a most deadly substance in that edition (which should not even have given him the warning it did). Final result, the first PC death in game. They never even found the body.

Finally, as a player, I was part of a group that found itself in a pocket dimension with the headless horseman. It was his base of operations and we were there to stop his depredations on civilized society (and of course on us). We traveled to his place through a portal in the lower bowels of Kaer Maga. In the final climactic battle which somehow brought into the fray all the remaining enemies we had not yet ferreted out, my mythic Arcanist died. That alone would be a tragedy, but the powers of the enemy had another task for my character and I rose from the dead to harass the remaining party members. They had no choice put to put me down a second time. Unfortunately, my demise found my burning body deposited in a pool of unholy water and the necromantic energies of the pool raised me as an undead creature once again. With no other choice, my former teammates dispatched my character yet again. Killed three times in the same battle (with apologies from the Magus with the killing blow). To make matters worse, our return from the depths of Kaer Maga was not uneventful. The party somehow forgot to shut a critical door on our way out and a horde of creatures spilled forth from those depths and within a short period of time overwhelmed the entire city. Needless to say, the group became persona non grata to any member of the city that escaped or survived. Real life ended that campaign before we could correct our error...

At least they resurrected me...

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So in our Age of Worms campaign the Gunslinger's pc's player is a complete klutz IRL, and recently had managed to give himself concussion and nearly knock himself out whilst alone in a toilet stall.

During 'The Hall of Harsh Reflections' the players split up in the city to accomplish various crafting and shopping exercises, and the gunslinger goes off alone to buy a new pistol. He returns to the inn after an uneventful trip.

Later in the dungeon they find the gunslinger tied naked to a chair; these were all relatively new players so the jaw drop when they (including the gunslinger player himself) realised that the pc they had been playing with for the last six hours or so was a doppleganger was an amazing moment - they had never experienced the 'unreliable narrator' in a game before.

But the real gold was when they asked me what had happened to the gunslinger pc whilst he was off camera, and I/he revealed that the last thing he remembered was looking for the gents facilities at the Armory and locking himself alone in a toilet stall...

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Just recently my son had an epic scene moment: we were fighting a Lamia on the top of a certain clock tower, and she was affected by a alter sound SLA his custom race has. So she just makes loud white noise with everything she does for 7 hours. He hit her sr19 fair and square with a 20 - She's damaged, invisible, and pissed. But she's not dumb. Basically can't heal herself, so runs / climbs for it. Over the side of the tower. Dc 20 climb, no problem with +29. 80 feet lower. He jumps on her. Small size, 80 feet. Ranged touch. He takes 10 (boots of the cat), she takes 29. She re-checks climb at -29, falls 100 feet to her death, he lands on top of her and boot stomps her once more to make sure she's dead. He goes back invisible. (P.S. Our first option was to just burn it down with everyone in it, and though we are not playing good characters, we didn't do that)

What everyone else saw: the angel statue disappeared from the top of the clock tower (result of a pit spell). A black angelic figure chased a snake lady out of the loft (my wife's race), a loud noise emanated from the snake for some reason. The snake was hit by something, fell and died. The angel flew around the tower helping to kill the scarecrow while some dark figure engaged it in melee. The angel reappeared on top of the clock tower. Yay heroes!

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First time my son, wife, and I encountered a Vampire (Bloodsworn Vale) we got feared. Son and I took off running and left my wife to deal with it. Lopo, the kobold servant also failed his save. The three of us running down the corridor while my wife tries to solo a Vampire. Lol. We didn't manage to kill it. Back to our base in the Vale. Took pity on Lopo, since he was just a scared kobold. Well, we hire him to cook for us. He's ok and doesn't poison us. But we find out after we make a return trip to the Vampires castle that he's not home. Get back to the fort and people have been going missing. Took us another two days and another npc death to figure out Lopo had the Vampires casket hidden in the kitchen. My nephew was playing that part with us and lightning bolted inside the tavern trying to kill the vampire. Huge hole in our fort. But we got him this time around. Lopo played innocent,of course, can you blame him?

We eventually retired Lopo into an immortal position at the castle in the Orc lands when we cleared that.

I just got done playing a special where I get to play a kobold in pfs. Yes, I demanded to be called Lopo. Lol.

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Once in 3.5 Forgotten Realms Undermountain we were exploring and get attacked by a Grell (giant floating brain with a beak and a slew of tentacles). It immediately grapples my 10yo son.

When it gets to my son's turn, the DM asks him what he wants to do;
he says "I kick it in the testicles." All play stops,
DM says "What?"
Son says again "I kick it in the testicles," and rolls the dice.

Everyone burst out in laughter, except the DM & my son, whose waiting. Once the rest of us contain ourselves He asks what armor class did my son hit,
son says "21".
DM says "That hits, but don't bother rolling damage."
Son, visibly irritated asks "Why not?"
DM says, "Because you kill it, kid. In fact, you killed the whole table."

Then the DM asks me to explain the difference between Tentacles & Testicles to the table.
My son smiles and says "oh, I know." and this time we're all rotflmao!

i couldn't have been prouder.

Strange Aeons book 6 is pretty much awesome from start to finish, but thanks to our party summonatios specialist we had

a PC on a flying tyrannosaur charging three shantaks over the ruins of the Eiffel Tower.

It was glorious.

The opening of the assault on Longshadow (not the opening of the module, but the start of the attack) was really dramatic and memorable. The players said it was quite chilling.

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Neriathale wrote:

Strange Aeons book 6 is pretty much awesome from start to finish, but thanks to our party summonatios specialist we had

** spoiler omitted **

It was glorious.

That's exactly what PF/D&D really is about. Bravo!

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