Numenara on Humble Bundle: Worth it?

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So you can get pretty much all the Numenara stuff ever published for $15 via the latest Humble Bundle.

Is it worth it? I've heard good things, but... how good are we talking, here? And how much could be scavenged or ported for a more standard PF campaign? Who here has played Numenara, and has thoughts about it?

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Doug M.

[sfx: crickets]

Wait, nobody here has played Numenera?

Doug M.

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I have never played Numenera, but I jumped at the chance to buy nearly every product in print for $15!

(Of course... I'm a total sucker for amazingly-priced RPG bundle deals. At this point, I have scores—if not hundreds—of RPG PDFs that I bought but haven't yet read!)

The Numenera Bestiary and Numenera Maps together are worth the $15 price. The monsters in the bestiary are very interesting and the art is gorgeous: I'd buy it even if I was only planning to convert the monsters' stats to another game system. And the city maps in the Maps document are also perfect to press into service for another game system.

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I've played the CRPG version only, but honestly don't remember much about the system. You can pick up the rulebooks for a single dollar in that bundle, so there is little reason not to check it out. I will be doing so myself.

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