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Recently I came up with the character concept of a PC having died, but his spirit still clings to a suit of armor, possessing it. Although the thought of my party members never seeing my character remove his armor, only to eventually find out he has no body, sounds fun in theory, I'm not certain how it would work out mechanically. Let alone what class would best suit the character. Although if possible I'd like to make an armor master fighter.

For starters: Ghosts don't have a strength score. Which is fine if I were to take the weapon finesse feat, since ghosts still seem to have a dexterity score. But then there's the conundrum of carry weight. However, the stats of phantom armor (guardian) show that possessed armors do have a strength score. So could my character have a strength score? Where does that strength score come from?

Secondly: Ghosts don't posses a constitution score, therefore my health would be that of my armor. Which, since I'm planning on having full plate (assuming the armor is made of iron or steel), would have a hardness of 10 and 30 hit points per inch of thickness. But what is the thickness of plate mail? Is it even an inch? Granted that may have to be discussed with my GM as the armor could be specialized in some way. Either way, healing is going to be an issue. Unless one of my party members has skills in black smithing (or is an artificer?).

Then there's the matter of movement. Without certain feats and abilities most characters are slowed down by heavy armor. But it would be different in this case. Phantom armors (guardian) have a movement speed of 30ft so I would assume my movement speed would be similar.

My last concern is the possibility of possessing other armors. Although this may be best to determine with my GM, I'm curious how the concept would work, if at all. If I could switch armors then I could improve my armor. By this I mean that I could get a new suit of armor that is master work and/or is made of adamantine (as an example). I can see not being able to change suits due to the fact that it was my original suit of armor that kept my character linked to the living world. At the same time I can also see having the ability to switch armor but have to wait a day to fully possess it and being unable to switch armors again for another week or something. That said, in the case that I could switch armors like that, then what would be stopping me from possessing a new suit even after losing my original one? Would I be practically unkillable? And yet not being able to switch armors means I would have to be constantly repairing my armor or instantly dying the moment it breaks.

I would like to see what everyone else thinks of this and hopefully I can figure out a (at least somewhat) balanced way for this concept to work. Thanks for reading and thank you for your feedback!

Sounds like something more fitting to an NPC. But if your GM goes along with it, it could be fun. Although, with the 2nd edition rules not being finished yet, you'd be limited to the playtest documents.

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